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angel balance toy
skating Santa balance toy
skating Santa
surprise Santa balance toy
surprise Santa
skiing Santa balance toy
skiing Santa
santa's sleigh balance toy
Santa's sleigh

Decorating for the holidays with interactive balance toys

Balance toys add merriment and wonder to the holidays.

Vintage inspired balance toys make beautiful decorative accents for the holidays, as well as unique and memorable Christmas gifts. Some of the best holiday memories are made when throwback decor is used to bring back those cherished memories of a simpler time. Memories of childhood Christmases often bring back the simple wonder and merriment of the holidays in a profoundly touching way.

Times when toys were placed on the edges of tables or on shelves and were set into motion by the touch of a hand help us to reconnect with the fondly remembered times from yesteryear. These were the simpler times, before all the electronic devices of today. These expertly calibrated toys feature a counterweight so they can be set into motion easily, and they don't require any special skills to begin the magic! They are sturdily constructed of recycled sheet metal and are lovingly hand painted and finished until they glow with a soft patina to give them their aged, weathered look.

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Set imaginations free

Bring back the wonder of Christmas with the thrill of toys that need no batteries or special accessories, or any special skill to operate. Creatively designed sky hooks excite even the hardest to please gift recipients because they are such original, unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Featuring balance toys as a part of your decor can help to create a tradition that can now be passed on to future generations. Kids are amazed at the precision movement of sky hooks and can be entertained for hours by them. The motion of these incomparable toys is mesmerizing, captivating and relaxing to watch.

Many designs to choose from.

These vintage balance toys are also sometimes called sky hooks, because of the captivating way they move with seemingly no help. The action is created with weights that are carefully calibrated to create their special swing. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from ranging from holiday designs to year-round designs that blend perfectly in any home decor.

Choose from Christmas and holiday themes like skiing Santa, skating Santa, a surprise Santa or Santa's sleigh. A simple angel and Christmas tree design adds a touch of sophistication to any style of Christmas decor. They all make perfectly thoughtful, simple and elegant Christmas gifts either for collectors, or for those who simply love vintage inspired decor.

surprise Santa balance toy
surprise Santa
skiing Santa balance toy
skiing Santa
santa's sleigh balance toy
Santa's sleigh
skating Santa balance toy
skating Santa
angel balance toy
angel balance toy

Themes that can be enjoyed and displayed year round include a rope walker, flying ace, road racer, rodeo, Red Baron and golfer themes.

rope walker balance toy
rope walker  
 flying ace balance toy
flying ace
 golfer balance toy, gift for golfer
whale balance toy
road racer balance toy
road racer 

Seafaring themes that blend in beautifully with any nautical decor include a sailor, Panama steamer, whale, fisherman or a sailboat that appears to ride the waves.

pirate sky hook
salty dog balance toy
salty dog
sailboat - riding the waves balance toy
queen balance toy
madame Butterfly balance toy
Madame Butterfly

Whimsical designs include a mermaid, pirate, a king and queen, Madame Butterfly.


balance toys | skating Santa balance toy
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balance toys | skiing Santa balance toy
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angel balance toy
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