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horn anchor
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King George compass
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Dragon sail racer mode
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Empress reading glass
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weather glass
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Oxford varsity oar
  spirit of st.louis plane model

Spirit of St. Louis plane model
WWI propeller with clock
WWI propeller with clock

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Adventurous Gifts

Anyone who dreams of adventures away up in a crystal clear blue sky, or adventures in the deep turquoise blue sea would be thrilled to receive gifts of plane models or ship models. Fueling their dreams of adventure, choices can be made from a variety of classic aviation machines featuring propellers to newer age zeppelins and Ford Trimotors. Model planes allow ones mind to soar up and away along with their favorite storied aviators like Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers.

Beautifully crafted model planes add an extra element of interest and excitement in rooms like dens and offices, and even make a stylistic statement in a living room. Aviation enthusiasts will be thrilled by the intricate details in these exceptional quality plane models and will love reminiscing about planes they have been lucky enough to fly in or about planes they have always dreamed of soaring in.

plane models
Sopwith Camel plane model >>

Collectors as well as casual aviation buffs love the looks of these artfully designed aircraft. For those who love planes and for those who are influenced by sleek and beautiful aircraft, what better way could there be to teach potential future aviators about the wonder and beauty of flight than through viewing an exceptionally realistic looking plane model? Many times the hobbies of adults can be passed down to children and can fuel an interest in a child which influences the child's choices later in life. Such is the fascinating hobby of aviation.

home decor - WWI propeller replica
WWI propeller replica >> weather glass>> phrenology head>>

Fans of all things aviation also love the variety of very unique propellers that were made into useful wall clocks. At one time, turning an old airplane propeller into a clock was done so a pilot could keep a remembrance of the airplane they loved. The propeller being made into a clock is a tradition handed down by generations of the best-known and most-loved aviators.

Titanic ship model >>

Enthusiasts of everything nautical are amazed when they receive gifts of realistic ship models. Those who live near water and those who simply wish they lived on the water and dream often of sailing enjoy the amazing detail lovingly crafted into these models. Fun nautical themed accessories complete the look of any sailor's dream room.

The classic airplanes of yesteryear bring back nostalgic memories of a simpler time when flying evoked a sense of glamor and sophistication. These flying machines hearken back to the days of getting dressed up to fly on a plane and when pilots and stewardesses were heroes that were looked up to. Displaying beautiful model planes in a fun and exciting way on a mantle or shelf is a fantastic way to bring back those fond memories and to keep the dream of aviation alive for future generations.

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