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Autour Du Monde



On Top of the World



1930s DC-3



Desktop DC-3



Art Deco Flight Clock



During the Great War of 1914-18 an art form

flourished. Hand crafted creations from gifted

soldiers and army personnel became known as

“trench art.”

Such souvenirs continued to be made by service

personnel during WWII. Whatever material at hand

was put to use... bullet shells, wood, fabric, and

later, aircraft aluminum. Popular creations were

airplane models, lighters, and clocks in all

shapes and sizes.

Our clocks and flight memorabilia are perfect


from a time when flight was still a hands-on affair.

Hand crafted in airplane aluminum. Hand buffed

and polished to an Art Deco shine. Nostalgic, and


Art Deco Flight Clock



Propeller Clock



WWII Mustang Desk Model



Spitfire Trench Art