carved wood onlays

cabinet with carved wood onlays
Carved Wood Onlays
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Modesto furniture onlays Madison carved wood onlays
Modesto furniture onlays ON11
1-1/2"H x 16-7/8"W; in maple, oak, cherry
$71.20 - $91.20
Madison carved wood onlays ON20
in 2 sizes; in maple, oak, cherry
$87.20 - $135.20
small Modesto carved wood drop large Modesto carved wood floral drop Ventura wood carving - carved wood floral onlay Arcadia wood carving
small Modesto drop ON9
9"H x 1-3/8"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$62.40 - $76.80
large Modesto drop ON10
12"H x 2"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$67.20 - $86.40
Ventura wood carving ON2V
16"H x 3"W ;
in maple, oak, cherry
$102.40 - $132.80
Arcadia wood carving ON2A
9"H x 2-3/4"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$86.40 - $110.40
carved wood floral drop Sarasota carved wood floral drop Sacramento carved wood floral drop Pembroke floral drop carving
Labelle carving ON137
18"H x 2-1/2"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$81.60 - $104.00
Sarasota carving ON25
18"H x 2-3/4"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$98.40 - $126.40
Sacramento carving ON25L
18"H x 3-3/4"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$104.00 - $134.40
Pembroke carving R131
in 2 sizes;
alder, maple, oak, cherry
$55.68 - $108.48
Santa-Ana basket wood carving  La Belle wood carving  Santa-Ana basket wood carving  Richland wood carving
Santa-Ana basket OY201
16"H x 9"W x 1-7/8"D;
in maple, oak, cherry
$152.80 - $197.60
La Belle carving R95
17-1/2"H x 6-1/4"W;
in maple, cherry, oak
$103.68 - $123.84
Brookdale carving R94
17-1/2"H x 6-1/4"W;
in maple, cherry, oak
$103.68 - $123.84
Richland wood carving W59
14-1/4"H x 6-5/8"W;
in white hardwood
$106.00 special: $53.00
Rockford carved wood urn Sanford urn carving Sierra carved basket Salinas wood carving
Rockford urn W72
6-1/2"H x 3-3/8"W
in white hardwood
$56.00 $48.40
Sanford urn carving TMC2
5-1/4"H x 2-3/4"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$34.40 - $43.20
Sierra carved basket W58
10"H x 9-3/8"W;
in white hardwood
$130.00 $104.00
Salinas wood carving W60
8"H x 5-1/2"W;
in white hardwood
$60.00 $48.00
Santa-Monica carved wood swag Pasadena carved wood onlays Dallas carved wood swag Monroe carved wood swag
Santa-Monica swag ON132
in 3 sizes;
in maple, oak, cherry
$57.60 - $147.20
Pasadena onlays ON200
in 3 sizes;
in maple, oak, cherry
$102.40 - $208.00
Dallas swag W62
6-5/16"H x 14-3/8"W;
in white hardwood
$68.00 $54.40
Monroe swag W66/65
in 2 sizes;
in white hardwood
$46.40 - $49.80
Concord carved wood swag Tucson urn carving Overland carved shells Daytona carved wood shell
Concord swag W63
5"H x 12"W;
in white hardwood
$69.50 $55.60
Tucson urn carving W67
5-3/4"H x 11"W;
in white hardwood
$54.00 $43.20
Overland carved shells SH4
in 2 sizes;
in maple, oak, cherry
$35.20 - $75.20
Daytona carved shell SH2
4"H x 6"W;
in maple, oak, cherry
$31.20 - $38.40
Mendota carved wood corners  Henderson carved wood wreath Montpelier carved wood wreath Hartford carved wood wreath
Mendota corners W85
10-1/2"H x 8"W;
in white hardwood
$141.60 $113.28
Henderson wreath W64
7-3/4"H x 7-1/2"W;
in in white hardwood
$56.00 $44.80
Montpelier wreath C27
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$87.20 - $145.60
Hartford wreath C26
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$57.60 - $94.40
 carved bow Fresno carved wood shell pineapple carvings  carved wood lion head
Deo carved bow ON29
in 2 sizes
in maple, oak, cherry
$21.60 - $37.60
Fresno shell W61
8"H x 7-3/8"W;
in white hardwood
$52.00 $41.60
Pineapple carvings PA6/8
in 2 sizes;
in hard maple
$45.20 - $75.00
Lion head carving W80
9-7/8"H x 8"W x 4"D
in white hardwood, maple, oak, cherry
$148.80 - $327.20
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plaque onlays Wide selection of onlays featured on our website are perfect for custom cabinets and furniture enhancement. Elegant scrolls, swags and drops are hand-carved and superiorly detailed. Whether it is a kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or any other piece of furniture our beautiful onlays will give it an undeniable character and originality.

decorative wood carvings

making your decor stand out in sharp relief with decorative wood carvings
Have you ever wanted to jazz up your decor, but didnít really want to do an entire redesign? There is an easy solution for dressing up plain cabinets, drawers, doors, crown moldings and other surfaces in need of a little something to bring out the personality of your home. These premium decorative wood carvings can add depth and elegance to almost any surface. Skillfully carved in a variety of hardwoods, each of our charming carved wood onlays are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historic settings. They arrive to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain... read more about decorative wood carvings >>

wood onlays

Wood Onlays - making your home a memorable place to visit and an inviting place to live
An onlay is a term that describes an object that decorates the surface of another object. In other words, the decorative treatment will literally lay on the object's surface. When onlays are carved from wood, the goal is to create the illusion that the onlay is carved from the wooden surface it adorns. Carved wood onlays are also known as applied wood carvings (wooden appliques). Onlays are typically used to beautify millwork, which tends to be featureless and bland because it is mass produced... Breathe life into your home's architecture and apply onlays to your woodwork... read more about wood onlays >>