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Close Out Sale - Home Lighting and Accessories
coastal lighting and accessories sale


clams hell on stand spotted shell lamp  sunflower starfish on stand
clam shell PL245377
8"W x 5"D x 13"H
$440.00 special: $220.00
spotted shell lamp PLL248379
13"W x 13"D x 16"H
$620.00 special: $310.00 
sunflower starfish PL205677
16"W x 5"D x 20"H
$460.00 special: $230.00
blue ceramic shell blue sponge coral large ceramic shell
ceramic shell DA1701
14"W x 11-1/2"D x 7-1/4"H
$687.50 special: $350.00
blue sponge coral PL245921
$1,038.00 special: $519.00
large ceramic shell DA1705
20"W x 16-1/2"D x 11-1/2"H
$872.50 special: $450.00
luxury furniture sale
hand-painted chairs Louis XV style chairs
hand-painted chairs CH6874
special: $2,300.00 / $1,750.00
Louis XV style chairs CH6876
special: $1,898.00
round occasional table carved wood Hepplewhite chairs in antique white and gold finish
wood table WT947
24" x 31-1/2"H
$4,625.00 special:$2,498.00
Hepplewhite style chairs CH6873
special: $1,698.00
wrought iron table with antiqued silverleaf finish wrought iron table with antiqued gold
wrought iron in silver table GT1201
20" x 24"H
$2,875.00 special: $998.00
wrought iron in gold table GT1205
20" x 24"H
$2,875.00 special: $998.00
Louis XVI style coffee table in antique white and gold carved wood center table with glass top 
Louis XVI coffee table GCT957
51" x 30-3/4" x 19-1/4"H
$6,247.50 special: $3,498.00
carved center table CT952
43-1/4" x 43-1/4"x 30-1/4"H
$9,687.50 special: $5,498.00
wrought iron coffee table with lightly antique silver leaf finish and clear glass top and shelf three section hand-wrought iron table with distressed antique gold leaf finish and glass top 
wrought iron coffee table GCT1208
40-3/4"x 25-1/4"x 20"H
three section coffee table GCT1299
23-1/2"x 11-1/4"x 18-1/4"H
$2,747.50 special: $1,498.00 
Neo-Baroque console wood console table
Neo-Baroque console table CT1616
59"W x 17-3/4"D x 33"H
$9,625.00 special: $5,698.00
console table CT946
44"W x 19"D x 33-1/2"H
$7,122.50 special: $4,498.00
Venetian beveled glass mirror framed with six panels of raised clear glass on a textured silver background, made in Murano, Italy 18th century Venetian style carved wood mirror with raised leaf and scroll design,antique ivory finish and lightly antique silver leaf accents
rectangular Venetian mirror VM649
31-3/4" x 47-1/4"H
$8,247.50 special: $4,998.00
Venetian style mirror CM941
38-1/2" x 54"H
$4,997.50 special: $2,498.00
Venetian beveled glass mirror framed with four panels of fluted aqua and silver glass, made in Murano, Italy   
rectangular Venetian mirror VM644
31-1/2"x 47"H
$8,247.50 special: $4,498.00
19th-century English style four door curved front credenza with ash burl and walnut veneer, maple and walnut inlay, one drawer plus two secret drawers at top, one shelf inside and antiqued brass hardware cabinet in lacquered silver finish
English style credenza IC1470
51-1/2"W x 18-1/2"D x 35-1/2"H
$8,122.50 special: $4,499.00
lacquered silver cabinet HPC3326
36"W x 20"D x 34-1/4"H
$2,812.50 special: $1,365.00
cabinet with lacquered white finish with mirrored panels lacquered white mirrored cabinet with cut out design
white mirrored cabinet MF3721
28"W x 16"D x 28"H
$1,310.00 special: $862.00
white mirrored cabinet MF3702
25-3/4"W x 18"D x 28"H
$1,310.00 special: $698.00
mirrored end table mirrored end table
white mirrored end table MF3701
23-3/4"W x 16"D x 27-3/4"H
$1,310.00 special: $862.00
white mirrored end table MF3716
31-1/2"W x 19-1/2"D x 29-1/2"H
$1,497.50 special: $862.00
English style credenza inlaid with rosewood and walnut
English inlaid credenza IC1502
87-1/4"W x 20-1/4"D x 38-3/4"H
$24,975.00 special: $16,998.00


ceramic lamp with antique dark brown finish ceramic lamp with antique dark brown finish ceramic lamp with urn design
ceramic lamp L1695
$1,185.50 special: $498.00
ceramic lamp L1696
$1,185.50 special: $498.00
ceramic lamp L1697
$1,185.50 special: $498.00
Graydon lamp; adjustable floor lamp gold Venetian glass lamp white Venetian glass lamp
Venetian glass lamp L7326
$2,187.50 special: $720.00
Venetian glass lamp L7326
$2,187.50 special: $1,155.00
Venetian glass lamp L7327
$2,187.50 special: $1,155.00
solid crystal lamp tobacco and gold Venetian glass lamp solid crystal lamp
crystal table lamp L9001
$912.50 special: $665.50
Venetian glass lamp L7108
$2,125.00 special: $1,375.00
crystal table lamp L9003
$962.50 special: $665.50
solid crystal table lamp with lacquered silver-plated trim  clear and grey murano glass lamp  crystal lamp 
crystal table lamp DTL8351
$1,562.50 special: $1,092.50 
Venetian glass lamp L7314
$2,437.50 special: $1,595.00 
crystal lamp L8491
$1,562.50 special: $1,092.50 
wrought iron sconce in silver grey crackled ceramic lamp wrought iron table lamp with star design
wrought iron sconce S7945
17-3/4"W x 8-1/2"D x 17"H
$2,187.50 special: $1,375.00 
grey ceramic lamp L9016
$587.50 special: $386.00
wrought iron lamp DTL8467
$875.00 special: $517.00    
Indigo blue ceramic lamp with crystal and polished nickel accents  grey crackled ceramic lamp Indigo blue ceramic lamp 
blue ceramic lamp L9014
$587.50 special: $386.00 
grey ceramic lamp L9011
$662.50 special: $386.00
blue ceramic lamp L9019
$662.50 special: $386.00 
ivory crackled ceramic lamp with crystal accents and polished nickel trim ivory crackled ceramic ceramic lamp ivory crackled ceramic ceramic lamp
ivory ceramic lamp L9009
$562.50 special: $386.00
ivory ceramic lamp L9010
$587.50 special: $386.00
ivory ceramic lamp L9015
special: $386.00
black ceramic lamp grey crackled ceramic lamp black ceramic lamp with crystal accents and polished nickel trim
black ceramic lamp L9013
$562.50 special: $386.00
grey ceramic lamp L9017
$623.75 special: $386.00
black ceramic lamp L9008
$623.75 special: $386.00
grey crackled ceramic lamp    
grey ceramic lamp L9018
$562.50 special: $386.00
Swedish style crystal chandelier on an antique gilded frame crystal chandelier on an antiqued gilded frame
Swedish style chandelier CC7714
39" x 45-1/2"H
$7,125.00 special: $4,730.00
crystal chandelier CC7954
31" x 37-1/2"
$6,875.00 special: $4,070.00
modern chandelier made of 169 pieces of Venetian glass burnished wrought iron chandelier
Murano glass chandelier C7130
22" x 19"H
$9,372.50 special: $6,050.00
wrought iron chandelier WC7762
29" x 34"H (8 light)
$4,125.00 special: $2,530.00
French style ceiling light with Murano glass drops carved wood chandelier with lightly pickled silver leaf finish
French style ceiling light CC7966
14-1/2" x 10"H
$5,875.00 special: $3,298.00
carved wood chandelier WC7743
31-1/2" x 35"H (8 light)
$6,875.00 special: $3,850.00

Home Accessories

clear and gold Venetian glass bottles clear and gold Venetian glass bottle
Venetian glass bottles VA7402-03
$623.75 special: $298.00/$350.00
Venetian glass bottle VA7423
$748.75 special: $450.00
black and gold Venetian glass vases  blue Venetian glass bottles
Venetian glass vases VA7418-19
$873.75 special: $450.00 (each) 
Venetian glass bottles
clear and gold Venetian glass bottles  black and gold Venetian glass bottles
Venetian glass bottles VA7430-31-32
$623.75 special: $350.00
 Venetian glass bottles VA7415-16-17
$623.75 special: $299.00 (each)
cut crystal hurricane lamp polished brass and glass hurricane candle lamp 
hurricane lamp IH5913
$680.00 special: $272.00
polished brass hurricane lamp DHL5486
$276.00 special: $193.00
shell bookends pineapple bookends
shell bookends BE441
$88.00 special: $44.00
pineapple bookends BE441
$88.00 special: $44.00
antiqued brass hurricane candle sconce wall sconce lacquered brass hurricane candle sconce
antiqued hurricane sconce HS5178A
$217.00 special: $130.00
candle sconce HS5115
$242.00 special: $121.00
lacquered hurricane sconce HS5178B
$217.00 special: $130.00
antiqued candle sconce    lacquered candle sconce
antiqued hurricane sconce HS5113
$140.00 special: $70.00
  lacquered hurricane sconce HS5112
$140.00 special: $70.00
entertaining gifts sale

Entertaining Gifts

petite pomegranate red bowl mother-of-pearl and pomegranate red tray peony petite bowl with raspberry color interior
petite bowl / pomegranate red IH1790040
$25.00 special: $12.50
beveled tray / pomegranate red IH5470040
$288.75 special: $144.00
petite bowl / raspberry IH2820029
$25.00 special: $12.50
petite mother of pearl bowl cocktail pick set mother-of-pearl and pomegranate peony petite bowl with snow interior
petite bowl / mother of pearl IH1790000
$35.00 special: $26.25
tray for cocktail trimmings
14-1/2"W x 4"D x 1"H
$65.00 special: $32.50
petite bowl / snow IH2820015
$25.00 special: $12.50
kiwi green oval bowl peony tray mojito green oval bowl
oval bowl / kiwi IH4570026
$50.00 special: $25.00
peony tray / amethyst IH2860038
$75.00 special: $37.50
oval bowl / mojito IH4570023
$50.00 special: $25.00
salad serving set in kiwi color kiwi green tray with mother-of-pearl mosaic border salt and pepper set
salad serving set / kiwi IH1453
$100.00 special: $50.00
beveled tray / kiwi green IH5470026
$288.75 special: $144.00
salt and pepper set / kiwi IH5540026
$70.00 special: $35.00
natural pearl serving bowl aqua pearl serving bowl aqua pearl rectangular tray
bowl / natural pearl IH1751NP
$54.00 special: $27.00
bowl / aqua pearl IH1751AP
$54.00 special: $27.00
rectangular tray / aqua pearl IH1753
$182.00 special: $91.00
natural pearl serving bowl natural pearl oval tray beverage dispenser on rattan base
large bowl / natural pearl IH1752NP
$159.00 special: $79.50
oval tray / natural pearl IH1754
$207.90 special: $103.95
beverage dispenser IH2512
$190.00 special: $95.00
peony petite bowl with saffron color interior    
petite bowl / saffron IH2820034
$25.00 special: $12.50