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How to add Beauty and Functionality with Floor Lamps

More than just about any other item in your home's decor, your choice of home lighting offers an opportunity to create spaces with the feeling of lightness. Lighting options in ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps let you literally decorate with light, making areas in a room that draw the eye and provide a sense of warmth. Of the various types of lighting fixtures, a floor lamps may be the most versatile of all, since you can place one wherever you have floor space.

Although you can place floor lamps anywhere there's a floor, you do want to give some thought to optimal placement. For starters, it's obviously not a good idea to put floor lamps in the middle of the flow of traffic, which means the paths that people naturally take through rooms and to connect from one room to the next. You'll also want to think about using a floor lamp for either task lighting or for accent lighting. Floor lamps can shed useful light on areas where tasks such as work or reading take place, and floor lamps also do an excellent job sending out light in ways that provide illumination to a specific area of the room or even showcase a specific piece of art or decorative furniture.

While using floor lamps for tasks is a fairly straightforward process, uses as a source of accent lighting can be as varied as your imagination allows. Picture a floor torchiere that directs light upward, highlighting a dramatic ceiling, stairway, or window treatment. Or perhaps you'd like to utilize a floor lamp to define a cozy conversation area with a few comfortable chairs and a small table for mugs of coffee or hot tea. One of the more dramatic uses of a floor lamp as an accent is in combination with a large house plant; the shadows cast when the light from the lamp falls on the leaves of the plant are often striking and unusual.

Another versatile feature of these lamps is that they are often adjustable as to where the light falls. This can be a very helpful attribute, since sometimes you might want fairly bright light for reading of other tasks, and other times you just want a bit of mood lighting that's not too intense.

You'll find floor lamps in a huge variety of styles, so there are excellent options for any decor. From traditional to casual or even modern styling, floor lamps provide illumination with elegance and taste.


living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish; living room decorating ideas; living room furniture and lighting
living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish; wrought iron coffee table; swing-arm floor lamp



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