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Fireplace Furnishings

Not so log ago the fireplace was the most important part of a house, giving warmth and hot meal. As time went by the fireplace transformed into more of a decorative element of the home, but still holding an important position in interior style. Manufacturing of decorative fireplace accessories with elaborate ornamentation, crests and rich gilded finish tracing back to XVII century.

Once you have installed a beautiful fireplace you will want to adorn it with appropriate fireplace impedimenta and decorative items. The selection of fireplace furnishings and accessories deserves some time and thought. You may select fireplace accessories for purely utilitarian reasons or for ornamentation, hopefully a happy combination of both.

To properly dress a fireplace you first need to assemble the various fireplace furnishings for the preparation and maintains of the fire itself. They include andirons, fire-baskets, firebacks, fireplace fenders, tools sets for fireplace maintains: shovels, brushes, tongs, bellows and coal scuttles.

decorative brass fireplace screen


Decorating Fireplace

While a beautiful carved wood, stone, or marble mantle makes a beautiful presence by itself, there are many ways to enhance the area around the fireplace and make it the most stunning part of a room.

You should not discount fireplace accessories when thinking about how to decorate, because they complete the look of the fireplace and add an undeniable flair. You might consider a fireplace screen, andirons, a fireplace fender, and fireplace tools to surround your fireplace.

Andirons are one of the most popular fireplace accessories for both functional and decorative purposes. Andirons are often called firedogs, and they are used to hold the logs in the fireplace, a few inches off the hearth. This serves the dual purpose of confining the logs and of allowing oxygen to circulate all around the fire, causing it to burn brighter and hotter. This is also why many andirons are made from brass. The fire burning all around the brass makes it seem warmer and brighter.

Of course, you don't use your fireplace all year long, the top priority is finding beautiful andirons that match your other fireplace accessories and general decorative style. You may choose to get a beautiful fireplace screen, andirons and fender that compliment each other in style. If your fireplace is in your favorite room where you most often have company, you might want to consider going all out and making your fireplace as opulent and stunning as possible with a full complement of antique or antique replica fireplace accessories. Fireplace screens may be functional or decorative.

If you have a working fireplace, a fireplace screen keeps sparks from flying into the room, potentially starting a fire or burning someone sitting too close. It will also minimize draft, which is important because when your fireplace is open, wind can come down the chimney or the chimney can essentially pull air through the room. If your fireplace is purely ornamental or if you just have a mantle without any opening, a fireplace screen is a virtual necessity as a design element. A larger screen can be used to make the fireplace seem larger, which is often the goal of a decorator who wants to draw attention to the architectural features surrounding it. Be careful to note if a fireplace screen is purely decorative, however--there are many beautiful pieces which are not designed to be used and will be fine for a decorative fireplace, but would not be suitable if you ever decided on a whim to light a fire.

Beautiful room decor featuring well appointed white fireplace mantel with fireplace accessories; gorgeous cast brass fireplace screen with shell design, solid cast brass andirons and elaborate fireplace tools on the side of the fireplace mantel

Beautiful room decor featuring well appointed white fireplace mantel with fireplace accessories; gorgeous cast brass fireplace screen with shell design, solid cast bras andirons and elaborate fireplace tools on the side of the fireplace mantel

fireplace screens

Fireplace Screens

An ancient fireplace screens that stood between the fire and a person seated near the fireplace to minimize draft and the glow of flickering flames came along way turning into functional pieces of art. The detailing on the hand made fireplace screens are apogee of craftsmanship. Fireplace screens featured on our website are free standing screens crafted from solid brass. Fireplace screens from our fireplace accessories collection require no installation.

Decide how you want your fireplace screen to look when it isn't being used - than you can be sure it will give you enjoyment when it is in use. On our website you'll find beautiful fireplace screens in a large variety of historical designs. All of our fireplace screens a reproductions and superior in craftsmanship and quality of materials. Fireplace screens made from solid cast brass by Italian master artisans for you to showcase them in your home.

For dramatic impact you may choose the fireplace screen with classic openwork design. The traditional fireplace screen with very popular reed and ribbon motif and fancy finials made from solid cast brass will bring class and elegance to the decor of your room. Whether you choose an elaborate Victorian fireplace screen or a clean line classically design fireplace screen it will make a definite impact on overall felling of the room. An oversized fireplace screen can make the fireplace seem much larger than it is and this may be desirable for the overall balance between fireplace and the room. We presenting many different designs of solid cast brass fireplace screens with black and brass mash that may be us in different decor and compliment different design styles.

Fireplace screens will add a great deal to the appearance of fireplace mantel. The practical need for fireplace screens stems from the danger of flying sparks. When fireplace fuel is used which tends to snap, such as coal or some kind of resinous woods, or when small children are playing in the front of fireplace, the fireplace screen should be used continuously. Also, for obvious reasons, the fireplace should always be screened if it is left to burn itself out when the family retires.


Fireplace Accessories - Andirons and Fenders

Our fireplace andirons made in wide variety of shapes and sizes. The andirons represent a tradition that goes back to earliest days of domestic fires, and originality of andirons was equipped with hooks and projections for the support. In our days us of andirons are mostly for ornamentation. When you choosing andirons look for suitable design and proper size. You'll find on our website a lot of beautiful fireplace andirons like lion-ring andirons or Greek urn andirons with classical urn and swags motif, fireplace andirons with swan an cherubs motif or solid brass stately Regency andirons.

All andirons from our fireplace accessories collection are reproductions of historical designs and made from solid cast brass. Most log rests, graters and fire baskets are designed so that the shank of an andiron will rest beneath, preserving the ornamental value of the andiron post even when other devices are bearing the fire load.

Andirons are usually placed twelve to sixteen inches apart, centered on the hearth. The earliest fireplace fenders were simply bent pieces of sheet iron, placed on the edge of the hart to prevent live coals from rolling of the hearth onto a wooden floor. The decorative quality of fireplace fenders was soon established and many options of fenders become available to satisfy the taste and decorating style.

fireplase tools

Fireplace Tools

To support the burning fuel you need fire basket, andirons, and log rest. You need fireplace tools sets that include tongs, log fork, and shovel feed the fire. If you have a fireplace the fireplace tools set with poker, tongs, brush and shovel is a necessary addition.

All our fireplace tools sets come with matching design support. Whether you choose elaborate hand-cast brass fireplace tools or simpler in design solid brass fireplace tools set with hexagonal gallery base for decoration of your fireplace the quality of our products is superior.

There are many designs of fireplace furnishings available on our website to match the style or design of your fireplace mantel. On our website you'll find a fireplace screens and other fireplace accessories to match fireplace tools set of your choice. All of the fireplace tools sets are made from solid brass or iron. Fireplace tools sets from the fireplace accessories collection come in antiqued or lacquered finish.