Manchester scroll onlays and Providence shell wood carving

Manchester scroll onlays and

Providence shell wood carving
Project by JoAnne Clobus, PA
built-in fireplace with shell carving

"I thought you might like to see the finished product - here is a photo of our bedroom fireplace and cabinetry, with your wood carvings... We live on a lake and have carried the seashell motif throughout our decor."

fireplace for lake house

Built-in Fireplace

Thank you JoAnne for sharing your great success; you had many impressive ideas on this project. If you happen to live in a very beautiful environment, it is very resourceful for you to use that environment in your interior design. The carved seashell that was used in the fireplace design is a great example of using the inspiration that is gotten from the environment. The fireplace and the fireplace mantel looks great because while it has the ornamentation, but it is still simple - it is a smart and intriguing way to adorn the fireplace and still have it work throughout the whole room. The shelves on the sides of the fireplace add plenty of charm as well. The shelves are a curious because you can add a different kind of charm and a different kind ambiance that you like. It is a great solution for displaying anything from pictures to candles, books, or flowers.

It is also an amazing catch to carry a design through the house to make your whole house cohesive while still having different design ideas and perhaps even different styles that would be brought together by the motif. If you would go for different kinds of styles - not to radical, but enough to make a difference - it will be multi-dimensional. Take the seashell, for example - On our website you can fid carvings, rosettes, knobs, and knockers with the seashell motif. The Providence Seashells the one that JoAnne used to adorn her fireplace. The Santa-Fe wood onlay, the Mesa wood carving, and the Austin wood carving all have the seashell motif on them. Each different carving can be used in different rooms and in different ways. There is a the Fresno frieze molding that has the shell motif. The Seaside pull also takes advantage of the seashell motif. There are still many more different things on the website with that motif and many more that can be used to complement the seashell designs.

We have many products with the seaside motif, but there are many more with others and re going to be just as easy to mix and match. You can easily carry whatever motif throughout your home that you would like.

Thank you again Jo Anne for your amazing contribution to our inspiration gallery.

decorative embellishments for built-in fireplace
built-in fireplace