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Board and Batten Shutters

These Board and Batten shutters are design standards along the beaches of both coasts, on lakeshore retreats, in the neo-Spanish appointment of the desert southwest architecture or wherever a distinctive design element is sought.

Board and Batten shutters are available in a wide range of sizes with the options shown on the page.

Faux Louver Shutters

These Faux Louver style shutters use a unique patented process that provides the detailed, up close appearance of authantic open louver shutters. Faux Louver shutters are available in a wide range of sizes.

shutters hardware installation

operable shutters installation

determining shutters position


Board-and-Batten shutters specifications

Faux Louver shutters specifications

hurricane storm-rated shutters

shutters warranty

Board and Batten Shutters - Classic Collection

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Richmond shutters Richmond Shutters Napa shutters Napa Shutters - arch top
board and batten shutters CBB001

standard board-and batten shutters

board-and batten shutters richmond
board and batten shutters CBB015

board and batten shutters with arched or radius top

shutters napa
Pacifica shutters Pacifica Shutters - Z-bar Monterey shutters Monterey Shutters - extra batten
board-and batten shutters CBB021

board-and batten shutters with Z-bar

shutters pacifica
board-and batten shutters CBB022

board-and batten shutters with extra batten

shutters monterey
Oceanside shutters Oceanside Shutters - no batten shutters Irvine Shutters - custom grooves
board-and batten shutters CBB023

board-and batten shutters with no battens

shutters oceanside
board-and batten shutters CBB024

board-and batten shutters with custom grooves

shutters houston

Faux Louver Shutters

San Diego faux louver shutters San Diego Shutters Oxnard louver shutters Oxnard Shutters - additional rails
faux louver shutters CFL001

standard faux louver shutters

shutters san diego
faux louver shutters CFL011

faux louver shutters with additional rails

shutters oxnard
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