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Unique Desks and Home Office Environment

Working from home is on the rise -- it's a win-win situation for employers and employees. Telecommuting ends the daily grind of commuting, but it also eliminates your company desk and office space. Setting up a functional and aesthetically pleasing home office can be challenging. However, furnishing your new work place with a unique desk can add unparalleled character, as well as organized storage to your home office.

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Why not choose a desk that will make you feel as if you're sailing the high seas while you're working from home? Treat yourself to a splendid reproduction of an antique captain's or navy desk and you might feel akin to a seafaring officer reporting for duty.

A captains desk packs a big punch for a smaller home office. This nautical desk was historically constructed for optimum comfort and efficiency in a sea captain's cramped quarters. Handcrafted from cherry and maple, these antique-finished desks are offered with a choice of distressed ivory or weathered black wooden accents. Corners are edged in brass, as was done long ago, to protect them from damage when being moved. Sturdy construction, abundant drawer space and a solid brass kick bar are reminiscent of a captain's desk of old. A faux-leather inset embellishes a spacious working desk surface.

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If you want to feel like an experienced world traveler, furnish your home office with a Madras desk constructed with classic proportions and an antique finish. Madras desks were once used by high-ranking British officers accustomed to traveling with luxurious furnishings that traveled well. Storage drawers and a lift-up middle section that allows working papers to be instantly stashed out of sight provide practical function. Brass campaign corners and a distressed ivory or black wooden finish enhance the global appeal of this desk.

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Feeling a little artistic? An architects bureau desk can add charming character and useful function to your home office. This desk is filled with practical features to enhance the efficiency of your work space. Vertical slots to store notebooks and papers in addition to convenient side flaps that fold out to extend your work area are unique attributes. This desk is offered in two heights and has an adjustable, tilting work surface.

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