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Architect Bureau Desk

desks AMF086

21-3/4" x 43-3/8" x 30-3/8"H

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architect desk architect bureau bureau desk
home office desk bureau for home office

Coming in two heights, our unusual and attractive architect desk is designed with many practical features, including extended side flaps, vertical folder slots for paper and notebooks storage, and subtle, yet highly functional drawers to store pens, pencils, rulers, etc... Adjustable desktop tilts to three angles. Most exciting, its adjustable work surface contributes to a completely new work experience.

Architects were once skilled draftsmen and graceful calligraphers, able to draw a crisp and perfect line on virgin drafting stock. They worked at a classic architect's desk crafted of precious woods, with an adjustable work surface tilted to an individualized angle. Usually they would stand, lounge, and lean on the tall desk, discarding the chair or replacing it with a tall, narrow stool.

In our day and age, we have done away with the standing desk. We hammer away at keyboards for days on end, slumped in a desk chair. Actually, a recent scientific study showed that working at a standing desk all day equals the exercise provided by a robust morning workout.

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