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Desk Lamps
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1950s modern desk lamp desk lamp 1930s desk lamp
1950s desk lamp ASL063
$562.50 $450.00
desk lamp DDL5366
$750.00 $600.00
1930s desk lamp ASL064
$606.25 $485.00
french desk lamp cinema desk lamp  
French desk lamp ASL065
$606.25 $485.00
cinema desk lamp ASL066
$748.75 $599.00
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Desk Lamps - Illuminating History
Good ideas don't happen in the dark. They are conceived, crafted, and penned by the glowing shadow of a trusted light. This has been the story throughout history, as some of the brightest ideas and creative tales have been contrived by lamplight. A beautiful lamp is a star that never burns out, and the memories conjured beneath its warm glow are eternal.

The same principle applies today. A stylish and unique desk lamp may be just what you need to stir up your most creative moments. Desk lamps should not only be breathtakingly stunning, they must also ergonomically compliment your needs. For this reason, selecting desk lamps with an adjustable neck is a wise decision. With a brilliant caramel motif, the classic adjustable desk lamp does just that... read more about desk lamps >>


shine a light on history with unique desk lamps

By the light of a trusted lamp, many of the world's greatest stories have been written and enduring decrees penned by the famous minds of history. Now you can have the same illuminating inspiration on your desk thanks to our stunning collection of unique adjustable desk lamps. A gorgeous lamp not only provides a very useful light source for your office desk, it also brings historical elegance...read more about desk lamps >>


Desk Lamps

1920s Desk Lamp. The many subtle details of this classic, 1920s French lamp easily impress. Yet in construction of this desk lamp nothing was done easily. Every facet is well executed and perfect. An intriguing, solid counterweight balances the compact, bell-like shade. A mix of Bauhaus and French Deco! Easily invokes the spirit of Baudelaire and Proust…

desk lamps

1930s Desk Lamp. A desk lamp for town and country. These desk lamp has universal appeal, in a style going back to the 1930s. Its natural flair combines well with its utilitarian design and illuminating purpose. Lamp is tightly jointed, easy to adjust and lock. Solidly constructed in brass. This desk lamp is built to last...

1950s Desk Lamp. The early 1950s brought a burst of design innovation. Mid century modern desk lamp represents an industrial design focused on flexibility and ease of use. It continues to attract owners drawn by its simple, yet sturdy construction. This desk lamp manufactured in solid brass, finished in bronze. Large and imposing, it will excel in modern interiors as well as in contemporary and retro settings.

Cinema Lamp. Unique Cinema light on a table stand. Hand cast airplane aluminum. Industrial look, 1920s? Looks like a giant 'Jack' game piece. Wonderful, juxtaposition of parts make one harmonious whole! Cinema lamp is a superb statement fitting unusual and independent minded interiors.

adjustable lamps

adjustable desks lamps