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1920s French style adjustable solid brass desk lamp
French desk lamp
1930s style adjustable solid brass desk lamp
1930s desk lamp
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1950s desk lamp
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cinema lamp
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Desk Lamps - Illuminating History

Good ideas don't happen in the dark. They are conceived, crafted, and penned by the glowing shadow of a trusted light. This has been the story throughout history, as some of the brightest ideas and creative tales have been contrived by lamplight. A beautiful lamp is a star that never burns out, and the memories conjured beneath its warm glow are eternal.

The same principle applies today. A stylish and unique desk lamp may be just what you need to stir up your most creative moments. Desk lamps should not only be breathtakingly stunning, they must also ergonomically compliment your needs. For this reason, selecting desk lamps with an adjustable neck is a wise decision. With a brilliant caramel motif, the classic adjustable desk lamp does just that. This hand-crafted solid brass adjustable desk lamp is a must have for an antique-lover. You are sure to have many golden ideas beneath this bronze lamp shade.

A 1930s desk lamp has city appeal with country sensibilities. A solidly built brass construction based on a simple utilitarian design makes it a perfect fit for just about any room. Tight joints and easy adjustment and locking make this lamp foolproof.

A style that transcends borders, the 1920's French style desk lamp evokes a certain romantic flair. A bell shaped head adds a playful yet industrial ambience to any workspace.

Make room on your desk or workspace for the Mid century modern desk lamp. Simple and understated, this lamp is practically dripping with high wattage inspiration. It evokes memories of determined inventors or inspired novelists burning the midnight oil on their soon-to-be classic manuscript.

The cinema lamp sets the perfect scene for daydreaming about old time movie stars. The classic films from the 1920's practically leap into reality as you gaze into the reflection given off by the hand cast aluminum body of this truly intrepid lamp.

Bold, bright, and beautiful, desk lamps are a defining factor in any room. Not only will you get a thrill every time you flick on one of these lamps, but your guests will become fast admirers of these illustrious hand-crafted gems. Take your place in history and let a good light shine some inspiration on your life today!


Shine a light on history with unique desk lamps