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1920s French style adjustable solid brass desk lamp
French desk lamp
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1930s desk lamp
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1950s desk lamp
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Shine a Light on History with Unique Desk Lamps

By the light of a trusted lamp, many of the world's greatest stories have been written and enduring decrees penned by the famous minds of history.

Now you can have the same illuminating inspiration on your desk thanks to our stunning collection of unique adjustable desk lamps. A gorgeous lamp not only provides a very useful light source for your office desk, it also brings historical elegance.

Emanating an air of cool swagger, this 1930s desk lamp, styled after the highly practical lamps of the 1930's, definitely has visual appeal. Making the most of a simple and utilitarian design, the easily adjustable lamp provides a steady stream of light at angle you desire. It is sure to add allure to any work space.

It was an era that endures forever and which gave the world styles that will last for generations to come. The 1950's were truly a hallmark time for history. A time of burgeoning design and innovative thought, the movers and shakers of the 1950's created design standards that the world still admires today. With this in mind, the 1950s desk lamp is the perfect focal point for an office or work space. The simple yet stylish design is a nod to the innovation that marked the years this design style flourished. This lamp boasts a solid brass construction finished in bronze. Its size-able heft makes it a highly desirable conversation piece that will command attention in any room you place it in.

Lights, camera, action! Shine a spotlight on cinematic history when you add a beautiful Classic Cinema lamp to your home. Hearkening back to a time of vintage glamor and Hollywood mystique, this lamp demonstrates high shine in the form of stainless steel construction and carefully mapped out contours. If you have every dreamed about being on the sound stage of a 1920's film, go ahead and live out your fantasy day after day with this beautiful lamp.

If you have ever dreamed of living the bohemian life in Paris, entertain your interests with the 1920's style French desk lamp. This bell-shaped lamp is inspired by the spirited artists of the Paris art scene and it is sure to inspire your heart.

Classic, and with an distinctly academic appearance, the adjustable desk lamp, with its handcrafted brass construction is a stand out piece in any room. The adjustable head and arm let you shine this lamp's bright focus any which way you please.

If you have a heart for history and eye for design, vintage inspired desk lamps are a fun way to decorate. Each one of these desk lamps are gorgeously and impeccably constructed. Even though they are beautiful enough for a gallery, they are one hundred percent usable and durable. They bring an amount of enchantment and beauty that is truly one for the history books.

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Desk Lamps - Illuminating History