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Decorative Hardware - Hinge Plates and Rim Locks

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florid leaves hinge plates
hinge plates
Florid Leaves Hinge Plates cicada hinge plates
hinge plates
Cicada Hinge Plates
hinge plates H902

shown in Antique Solid Bronze

* also available in Antique Brass, Antique Pewter
hinge plates H920

shown in Antique Copper

* also available in Antique Pewter
dragonfly hinge plates
hinge plates
Dragonfly Hinge Plates sentinel escutcheon rim locks
rim locks
Sentinel Escutcheon Rim Locks
hinge plates H907

* shown in Dark Solid Bronze

* also available in Antique Pewter, Bright Nickel
rim locks E518

* shown in Antique Brass

* also available in Antique Pewter, Dark Brass
kensington back plates
back plates kensington
Kensington Back Plates queensway back plates
back plates queensway
Queensway Back Plates
back plates E508

* shown in 24K Satin Gold

* also available in Antique Pewter and Dark Brass
rim locks E511

* shown in 24K Satin Gold

* also available in Antique Pewter and Dark Brass
pembridge back plates
back plates pembridge
Pembridge Back Plates griffin back plates
back plates griffin
Griffin Back Plates
hinge plates E512

* shown in 24K Satin Gold

* also available in Antique Pewter and Dark Brass
rim locks E513

* shown in 24K Satin Gold

* also available in Antique Pewter and Dark Brass
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quality decorative hardware

Quality Decorative Hardware

Sophisticated and gorgeous collection of hardware to complement the extensive collections of the knobs and pulls is sure to add that little extra punch to any cabinets or furniture pieces.

Decorative hardware that gets the least recognition is the hinges. It is just a tiny pivoting mechanism, but it's the thing that holds your cabinet doors on and is the defining g thing that makes the doors-well-doors. It is the functional hardware that is completely unnoticeable until you take it away. While some like the fact that it is an invisible part of the furniture decor, but some of the daring people who would consider themselves on the cutting edge of design have familiarized themselves with the idea of the hinge plates.

Decorative Hinge Plates

Hinge plates are a timeless treasure that has made a booming comeback. The way it works is that you have to install them in the face of the cabinet door and right across from the cabinet door. The effect will be something that is a decorative and magical - turning storage into a fairytale. It is an accent that is going to take your cabinets to that next level.

The Florid Leaves Hinge Plates have an amazing look and feel to them. The pattern is very intricate while still keeping with a light feel by having the open negative space between the branches. This particular set of hinge plates is very versatile and could be worked into many designs. It is a great hardware accessory to pair with any floral or grape pulls or knobs, the jeweled knobs and pulls, the Celtic Shield knobs and pulls, as well as the Saddleworth Knobs or Pulls. continue reading >>

The next set of hinge plates is Dragonfly Hinge Plates. When actually put on, they add a very strong detail to the cabinetry. The design itself has very strong solid lines and shapes. The dragonfly has a strong shape to it due to the fact that it doesn't blend into the background, but stands out on its own. It would be a great addition for cabinets from antique style to a modern style. It would complement any pulls and knobs that have a bold and intricate pattern. A great choice is the Monarch Knob, the Delaney's Rose Knob, and the Prairie Tulip Knob in Antique Copper.

The Cicada Hinge Plates look like a more delicate and whimsical version of the Dragonfly hinge plates. It would create a very pulled together look if you should use the Cicada hinge plates along with knobs and pulls that have more graceful lines that appear to be thinner. The Renaissance pull or knob reflects the delicate lines in the hinge plate. Other delicate looking knobs and pulls that would look great along with the Cicada hinge plates are the Oak Leaf pulls and knobs. The delicate look of the whimsical scrolls in the Cicada hinge plates will offset the smooth crinkled waves on the Oak Leaf pull or knob.

While being hinge plates, you could also use them as independent decorative elements. You could put them anywhere you like. A great and very creative place to put them is on the corners of the doors in an angular manner - for example, all of the tails of the Dragonfly hinge plate facing into the center. You could also think of embellishing every other drawer with the hinge plate.

The last piece to fill in the breath-taking collection is the key rim - the Sentinel Key Escutcheon. It is a perfect addition to any cabinetry with any knobs or pulls. Using it on any cabinet will bring a feel that will bring some feeling of history to it. It is a classic piece that has been used on many pieces of furniture for many centuries since the Greek culture. It could be used as an accent around any cabinet lock or a drawer lock.

f you look over this collection of hardware' and do not think that it is particularly your style, think about it again because it just might be.