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About Decorative Hardware Collection

Decorative Hardware gets forgotten about at times because many people seem to think that details do not matter - but they do. Decorative hardware lets you surround yourself with beautiful jewel-like accessories that you touch every day. It is a chance to truly create something beautiful in your house.

All decorative hardware (including decorative knobs and decorative pulls) introduced on this site are hand-crafted in USA and are guaranteed for life against flaws in craftsmanship. Exceptional quality decorative hardware is designed for application on fine cabinets and furniture. This decorative hardware is perfect for kitchen cabinets and custom built-in furniture.

Most of the designs throughout the collections come in both knob and pull forms. You do not have to settle on solely using a pull or a knob - but you could, for example, use knobs on the cabinets and pulls on the drawers. Another option is to use a pull on a cabinet door, but installing it in a vertical position. You have a great selection from which you choose multiple styles that you could mix and match to create an incredibly unique design. While you can mix the styles just to add something interesting to the overall design or it could be done to tell a story or to continue a theme from the overall design of the room.

There is no doubt that you will have absolutely no trouble picking out a wood knob to suit your style as well as your needs-the only trouble you might actually run into is choosing from our wide variety. You can complement any style from the Early American to Arts and Crafts style. You might decide, as many people do, to draw the inspiration for the room from the hardware itself. You have to than think about the overall style of the room that you will like to end up with.

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Choosing Right Decorative Hardware

Think of hardware as jewelry on a cabinet. Adding or changing hardware is a high-impact way to transform your kitchen cabinets. Just by adding some decorative hardware you can create a whole new felling. But decorative hardware, like jewelry, can look cheap and if it does, it will detract from the look and feel of your room. Pick the best quality hardware you can afford. Be sure to measure the length and width of your cabinet's stiles to make sure the hardware will fit.

Decorative hardware comes in thousands of styles, sizes and finishes. When choosing a decorative hardware always go with the felling you are trying to create - elegant, rustic, traditional, or contemporary for example. Decorative hardware finish should coordinate well with all elements in your room - paint, appliances, tile, countertops. You should also try to harmonize your cabinet hardware with door hardware in the room, but they don't need to match.

A lot of homes have cabinets without any decorative hardware at all. Addition of decorative hardware can truly transform potentially handsome bones. Decorative hardware as well as wood molding can change a mundane cabinet into a magnificent one.

The following descriptions of the different styles is to give you inspiration for picking out hardware. If you will understand the basics of the style, you will be able to bring the essence of that style into your home through decorative hardware.

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Decorative pulls or jewelry for your cabinets

When it comes to interior design, the little details can make all the difference. Some of the smallest details, when given the proper consideration, can make a huge impact on overall design. Consider, if you will, the tiny detail of drawer and cabinet pulls. Think about decorative hardware on the cabinets and drawers in the various areas of your home...continue reading on decorative pulls >>

kitchen details

Kitchen textures
There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen - most are hard with angled edges which don't exactly spell out a warm and comforting environment. You can balance out the inevitable uninviting surface with soft textures and patterns, as well as warm and homey colors. To bring an instant cheer to the space, put a potted plant on the window sill in a terra-cotta pot or some other kind of pot. You should try to find flowers that bloom all year around and that have a soft and gentle looking texture to them. Try to use a wood bowl to contrast the granite or marble countertop; if you have a butcher block counter top, then use a glass bowl to contrast the wood.... read on kitchen textures >>