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Hand Model

accessories AMG001F

4"x 9-3/4"H

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In our time antique art models have always been in demand by cognoscenti for their esoteric presence. Hand model is sculpted in wood, elaborately jointed and movable. Highly expressive, they love to convey a message! In style and classic taste…

Art is forever, life is short is the Latin expression. This from an age when art was considered a learned craft for the talented. When ateliers were filled with articulated art models and plaster casts of classic sculpture. When masters had an apprentice finish the lesser details of now famous paintings. Finesse and expertise were pre-eminent goals. Both our art and our artist models closely match the style and content of ages past.

Renaissance painters and sculptors of renown worked in ateliers with students, apprentices, and trained artists at hand. These studio-workers are the source of many paintings and sculptures referred to at auction or in literature as: "from the workshop of" or "in the style of" or "from the circle of"... The walls of these workshops were filled with plaster casts of classic sculptures. Casts of busts, hands, feet, legs, arms, torsos... Articulated wood models of the human form and of horses were in demand for everyday use.

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