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Library Globe

accessories AGL047

19" x 19" x 37-3/4"H

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globe with floor stand globe

No Renaissance library, reception room, or merchant's office was complete without a large globe on a stand. Mapmakers and globe publishers issued new globes every year, keeping clients up to date on the latest discoveries and explorations. New trade routes, new ports of call... even new continents!

Our 12-1/2" globe with floor stand is the classical form used over the centuries.

- original centuries old maps sourced from European National Libraries;
- solid bronze, engraved meridian ring;
- hand-applied, exact map reproductions, 12 sections make one whole;
- papier-mache sphere finished in plaster of Paris;
- classic Vaugondy French globe;
- a rich, classic wood floor stand is French finished;
- stand disassembles into two pieces for easy shipping;

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