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Creating a Unique Home Decor

Our home decor as unique as each of us is unique. The decorative objects you choose to accent your home reflect your personality and can give your design an individuality as unique as your own.

In theory, all decorative objects for interior decorating fall into two categories: art and accessories. art can be paintings, framed prints or photos, sculpture, and even textiles. Accessories are usually a small objects that are introduced into a room for either practical or aesthetic reason.

For example, a delicate perfume bottles and petite bouquet of fresh-cut rose buds flanked by flat brass tray makes a functional and beautiful centerpiece.

Art and accessories should not be an afterthought in you home decor. Large piece of art can influence your room's decor, as may collections. Consider these elements as you designing the room. Home accessories have to be worked in during the last phase of design process.

In order to develop an ideal me, it is helpful to hone in on the essence of our dreams, which often reflect a mix of our past experience along with a vision of the future we want to create.

Most of all, it is worthwhile to remember that creating home of your dreams is not so much a goal as it is a process.