warranty policy

As the purchaser of a product you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as well as any other warranty required by law. All merchandise is produced to standard and commercial tolerances.

Limited Manufacturer Warranty of one year from the date of sale against defect in materials, workmanship and wiring except for the following events: (i) defects due to improper handling or storage (ii) damaged caused during installation; (iii) use of spare parts or materials not provided by manufacturer; (iv) alterations or repairs; (v) fair wear and tear, willful damage, negligence, or abnormal working conditions; (vi) failure of bulbs, drivers or other components supplied bt the customer and that are incorporated into the goods; (vii) damage caused by accidents or for other reasons of an Act of God (such as lightning, floods, fires) or impact of environmental, climatic or any other conditions on the product; (viii) damage during installation or under conditions that are non-compliant with local codes.

InvitingHome.com shall not be liable for damages that may be suffered, directly or indirectly, by individuals, animals or property, as a result of not adhering to the instructions or regulations applicable to the installation, use or maintenance of the product.

All Invitinghome.com products are handcrafted by artisan around the world. Small irregularities in shape, surface and finish are hallmarks of such craftsmanship and are not considered defects. Items will vary in color from the photographs on our website. When InvitingHome.com has determined that a product is defective, it will be replaced per our Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. At InvitingHome.com discretion, a credit may be offered instead of replacement. InvitingHome.com liability is limited to product replacement cost. It does not include freight or handling expense, installation cost or any other costs or expenses incurred in connection with the purchase or use of our products. Additionally, the manufacturer’s warranty does not include damage or other problems resulting from improper installation, misuse or normal wear and tear. No other warranty is expressed or implied.


The customer shall test and verify the suitability of the product for intended use. No warranty for intended use is made. Please note that the goods may differ from their description as a result of changes made by the manufacturer to ensure they comply with applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. The customer assumes all risk and liability. InvitingHome.com only obligation is replacement or credit for product proven defective. InvitingHome.com shall not be liable for any loss or damage from the use or inability to use the product.

If you have any questions regarding this Warranty Policy, please contact customerservice@invitinghome.com or call 781-444-8001.