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The Feng Shui of Light and Crystal

The tradition of feng shui is one of aesthetics: alignment and orientation, in addition to beauty and harmony. The term, literally translated, means "wind-water" in English. Like the flow of music, the principles of achieving balance in this way are expressed in flowing energies resonating throughout a man-made structure, such as a house, tomb or building. Feng Shui extols the goal of achieving positive "Qi" (pronounced "chee") by incorporating elementals, such as earth, wood, metal, water and fire in such a way that creates balance (yin-yang) in one’s environment, promoting health and well-being.

We all know that crystal table lamps are not only functional and beautiful, but crystal can actually help promote positive energy or Qi in your home. There are a number of ways to apply light and crystal to promote positive energy in your home. In the most basic sense, light promotes well-being. It helps the body produce vitamin D and causes the brain to manufacture chemicals believed to combat seasonal affective disorder and other mood disorders. Crystal captures any light and converts it into a beautiful rainbow of color, which automatically causes the occupants to feel good.

The Power of Crystal

Crystal is an extremely powerful elemental to incorporate into one's home, according to many feng shui enthusiasts. Crystal accessories, crystal lamps, sconces, crystal candlesticks – practically any item of high-quality crystal – can improve the Qi of your home, promoting harmony and peace. According to Feng Shui tradition, negative energy (or Shar Qi) also moves through the crystal and is transmuted into positive energy (Sheng Qi). So a couple of crystal lamps on the side of the bed can go along way contributing to your well being.

Crystal is composed of a combination of elements in varying amounts. Each element contributes to the refractive properties of the crystal as well as its energy. Like a prism, the light entering crystal is separated into bands of colored light, called the visible spectrum (from infrared to ultra violet). We must also realize that there is light that goes beyond the visible spectrum into light we cannot see. However, the energy produced still affects positive Qi.

Using Crystal for Positive Qi

Applying the principles of promoting positive energy in your home using crystal accessories and crystal lamps is simple. Crystal, by its very nature, attracts and promotes light, so to maximize positive Qi, items of crystal should be placed near a light source. Lamps made with crystal placed near windows have the double benefit of having a light source in the day as well as at night. Some enthusiasts advise turning the lamp on during the day, to double the positive Qi in the home.

No matter how you apply the energy of your crystal lamps and crystal accessories, the light that is refracted through the crystal explodes in a colorful spray, which is sure to improve the beauty of the home and improve the moods of the home's occupants.


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