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Wood crown molding collection offers a great range in the styles of wood molding available so you can find what matches your unique style. The wood crown molding styles include egg and dart, various scrolls, dentil, and many others. The crown wood molding is a great product to update a room or introduce a different style in a tasteful manner or complement your existing style, but making the space look more polished and put together. You can also coordinate different types of wood moldings with your wood crown molding to make a great wall or ceiling design; this will change the way your room looks not only in a decorative way, but also in and architectural manner. You can get inspiration on how to tastefully manipulate your wood molding in our Inspiration Gallery and after you are done with your design, send us a photo to inspire others who are looking for direction with their wood molding and wood crown moldings.

Using the wood crown wood molding helps hide the crack that appears where the ceiling and the wall meet. The wood molding makes hiding any imperfections a synch. Any paint that chipped or any gaps can be replaced with a beautiful design. After wood molding is installed you will not believe what the room used to look like. The crown moldings make it simple to get the look of a built up molding with only one piece, taking a lot of planning and had work out of the installation. You should be able to enjoy the finished product of wood molding, not fight through the treacherous instillation of the molding. If any questions pop up during your instillation of the wood crown molding, you may easily solve your issue by clicking the "Instillation Guides" button on the top bar.

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Wood Crown Molding Finishing

Treating the moldings and making them look exactly the way you want is easy. You can choose to paint or stain them; it is completely up to you what you would like because the wood molding looks great either way. You could use your favorite stain and apply as many coats as you need to achieve the desired effect. If you choose to paint your wood moldings, you should consider a highlighting technique. To highlight your moldings, first you have to choose a base color and paint about two coats and make sure that it is even.

The second step is to choose a highlighting color and get a small brush, a damp cloth, and a container of water handy. To highlight, use the small brush and put some paint into the deep relief and then wipe off the excess at the top to reveal the base coat. This will achieve the look of having the highlighting paint in the crevices and the basecoat showing through making the design pop more and showing off the design details more. Sometimes if the molding is all one color it is hard to notice some parts of the design because they are smaller, but having the highlighting done, no part of the design will be missed.