Baltimore Baseboard Molding Specifications

- shock baseboard - 20% stronger than pine wood

- baseboard made of High Definition Polymer System (HDPS)

- humidity resistant

- maximum long term protection against scratches and dents

- ideal for high traffic areas and commercial applications such as clubhouses, lobbies and exercise rooms

- hypoallergenic and fully recyclable

- ready-painted with white paint

- has tough, extremely smooth surface

- back of the molding is fluted for better adhesion

- baseboard has a built-in cable and wire channel (non-electrical)

- this baseboard has sharp, deep, highly defined details

- complimentary flexible molding available

- metal dies for consistent quality and perfect part to part match for hassle free installation

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moisture resilient molding

molding's moisture resilient qualities
baltimore baseboard molding for led lighting

Baltimore Baseboard Molding for LED Lighting

baseboard molding NFD2

4-5/16"H x 5/8"P

8'00"L molding

list price: $47.60
your price: $40.46

Baltimore Baseboard for LED Lighting Installed

baltimore baseboard with led lighting baltimore baseboard with led lighting
baseboard and led lights
baseboard for led lighting
baseboard with led lights
baseboard molding for led lights

Baltimore baseboard shown installed with LED lights

A dazzling display of LED lights. Anyone who likes to experiment with lighting will be inspired. Direct and indirect lighting will make a room seem new again.

LED lighting
LED lighting
molding with led lights in modern loft
modern loft with baseboard and led lighting

Baltimore baseboard molding with led lights shown installed in modern loft combination with Avondale cornice molding for indirect lighting

baltimore baseboard molding with square white led lights
baseboard and baltimore cornice molding for led lighting

Baltimore baseboard molding installed with square white LED lights in combination with Baltimore cornice molding for LED lighting

cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
baseboard adhesive Molding Adhesive
Adefix - FW
adhesive 10 oz. tube

An extra strong adhesive for molding made of High Definition Polymer System

list price: $15.60
your price: $12.00
molding adhesive