New-York Art Deco Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality crown molding made from high density polyurethane. Front surface of this crown molding is reinforced with synthetic foil providing extra durable and smooth surface

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new-york art-deco crown molding

New-York Art Deco Crown Molding

crown molding NAD21

2-3/8"H x 10"P x 10-1/4"F

6'6"L crown molding

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New-York Art Deco Style Molding Installed

new-york art-deco style crown molding new-york art-deco style crown molding
new-york art-deco style crown molding

New-York Art Deco style crown molding

new-york art-deco style crown molding
art-deco molding new-york
art-deco style crown molding and art-deco baseboard
new-york art-deco crown molding and art-deco casing

New-York Art Deco crown molding shown with New-York Art Deco baseboard and Houston Art Deco casing

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New-York crown molding in Art Deco home

New-York Art Deco Molding

Inspired by the artistic representations of countries like Africa, Egypt, and Mexico; the Art Deco style combined the traditional geometric pattern of indigenous peoples with the bold graphics and fresh designs of modern art.

Manhattan's historic hotel The New Yorker is a fine example of art deco architecture that incorporates the geometric designs traditionally represented in ethnic art. It is immediately obvious upon viewing the building that the architects took inspiration from the pyramid formations of ancient Egypt. Like the design of a traditional pyramid, it rises into the sky from the ground in levels that gradually grow smaller than the base. The New Yorker updates the ancient form with its sectioned layers of various heights. Viewed from any angle, the cubic geometry gives a bold, stepped look to the building's outline.

The influence of the "primitive" arts is exemplified by our New York crown molding. The bold, stepped design of this crown molding is visually striking; each wide step descends onto the next, smoothly guiding the eye the broad expanse of ceiling or wall. This Art Deco crown molding is versatile in its duality: if extended onto the ceiling, the molding seems low ceiling appear higher. For high ceilings, mount the molding extended onto the wall for a stunning way to add architectural interest.

New-York crown molding is made from High-Density Furniture Grade Polyurethane
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Adhesive-filler for molding installation

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