Miami Art Deco Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality crown molding made from high density polyurethane. Front surface of this crown molding is reinforced with synthetic foil providing extra durable and smooth surface

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miami art-deco crown molding

Miami Art Deco Crown Molding

crown molding NAD22

4"H x 8-7/8"P x 9-3/4"F

6'6"L crown molding

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Miami Art Deco Molding Installed

miami art-deco style crown molding miami art-deco style molding
art-deco crown molding miami
art-deco miami molding
art-deco miami crown molding

Miami Art Deco style crown molding featured with in combination with Miami Art Deco baseboard

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Miami Art Deco style molding

Miami Art Deco Molding

Art Deco style is often noted for its harmonious combination of contrasting designs. Sharp angles, juxtaposed with gently sloping lines, is just one example of the visual balance that art deco is renowned for.

In South Beach, the Art Deco architecture of The Cadillac hotel incorporates contrasting design elements that result in perfect visual balance. It is streamlined vertically, giving the building a modern, futuristic look. However, the sharp angles of the building's carport extend to span the width of the building's base, and in conjunction with the stepped rise of the building's height, balancing its dimensions. The Cadillac's look is almost mythic, and its aura is one of stability and permanence. Reminiscent of a temple or tower constructed by the ancients, The Cadillac's design combines the styling of the future and the past, and the modern and antique.

This unique Art Deco molding combines a broader step design with a sloping, rounded line. This crown molding's design allows for two installation options: extended onto the ceiling, the stepped design seems to continue on, lending to the illusion of a recessed ceiling. If Miami crown molding is extended down the wall, it softens the sharp edged corners of the room, and gives a graceful "layered" look.

Miami crown molding is made from High-Density Furniture Grade Polyurethane
molding adhesive Molding Adhesive
Adefix P5 - AT3
adhesive 10 oz. tube

Adhesive-filler for molding installation; One tube of adhesive does approximately 32 to 40 linear feet;

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Adefix Pro - ADP10
adhesive 10 oz. tube

Adhesive-filler for molding installation; One tube of adhesive does approximately 40 - 50 joints;

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