Miami Art Deco Baseboard Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality baseboard manufactured out of unique High Definition Polymer System (HDPS), environmentally friendly material is hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, no CFC, no PVC, no formaldehydes

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miami art-deco baseboard

Miami Art Deco Baseboard

baseboard molding NFD21

5-2/16"H x 13/16"P

6'6"L baseboard molding

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Miami Art Deco Baseboard Installed

miami art-deco baseboard miami art-deco baseboard
art-deco style baseboard
art-deco baseboard miami
art-deco style baseboard molding

Miami Art Deco style baseboard is shock and humidity resistant; baseboard has maximum long term protection against scratches and dents and ideal for high traffic areas and commercial applications

miami art-deco baseboard and art-deco style crown molding - miami

Miami Art Deco baseboard in combination with Miami Art Deco Crown Molding

cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
art-deco baseboard molding miami

Miami Art Deco Baseboard Molding

The Art Deco period is associated with a time of prosperity, progress, and industrial expansion. Trains, ocean liners, and even machinery became examples of Art Deco styling when revitalized with streamlined designs that continue to exude an aerodynamic, modern quality today.

Ocean Avenue in Miami is world renown as home to the most extensive collection of Art Deco architecture in America. The legendary weather and tropical waters of South Beach undoubtedly inspired the streamlined architecture prominently exhibited in the hotels and resorts situated along Ocean Drive. The rounded edges and horizontal lines of the buildings are clearly not accidental elements of design: reminiscent of the progressive designs of ocean liners and cruise ships, art deco architecture on Ocean Ave sought to personify the tourists' pursuit of leisure.

Miami baseboard molding is a study of the Art Deco period's regard for classic design. Miami's bold baseboard profile does not divert the eye: clean, horizontal lines define the contours of the room. This molding, with its streamlined design and rounded detail, complements any decor and is an ideal choice for any room in your home. Once mounted, the unique design eliminates the need for the additional installation of shoe molding.

Miami baseboard molding is manufactured from a High Definition Polymer System. (HDPS)
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An extra strong adhesive for molding made of High Definition Polymer System

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