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Tulsa Art Deco Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality cove molding made from high density polyurethane. Front surface of this cove molding is reinforced with synthetic foil providing extra durable and smooth surface

moisture resilient molding

molding's moisture resilient qualities

flexible molding
tulsa art-deco cove molding

Tulsa Art Deco Cove Molding

cove molding

4-1/2"H x 7-1/4"P x 8-1/2"F


Tulsa Art Deco Style Molding Installed

art-deco molding tulsa art-deco cove molding tulsa
tulsa art-deco molding in the walkway

Tulsa Art Deco style cove molding in the walkway with Houston Art Deco door casing and Miami Art Deco baseboard

tulsa art-deco molding and fluted pilasters

Tulsa Art Deco molding with Marietta baseboard and Fluted pilasters PL8

cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
Tulsa Art Deco style cove molding

Tulsa Art Deco Molding

The elements of balance and rhythm are integral to the creation of a visually arresting design. Proportional forms presented in repetitious patterns give the illusion of motion often found in Art Deco style. Art Deco's legacy is in its defiance of previously accepted norms, transcending the restrictions and constraints of expectation.

The architecture of Tulsa Oklahoma's Riverside Studio possesses the intriguing quality to physically embody a concept that is not of the physical. The original concept for Riverside Studio was developed by a music teacher who wished for a space that through its design looked like sound of music. This vision, and the skill of her architect, culminated into Riverside Studio's unique appearance: the balance of its structural cubic form offsets the rhythmic repetition of its stained glass windows, resulting in a music studio you can practically hear just by looking at it.

The broad geometric lines of the Tulsa crown molding appear to descend from center, resulting in a sense of movement. Proportionally perfect, the fluidity of its design brings to mind the gentle cascade of water, and the unforgiving laws of gravity. Use Tulsa crown molding and make a striking design statement.

Tulsa cove molding is made from High-Density Furniture Grade Polyurethane
molding adhesive Molding Adhesive
Adefix P5 - AT3
adhesive 10 oz. tube

Adhesive-filler for molding installation

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