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san-jose art-deco crown molding

San-Jose Art Deco Molding

crown molding NWT26

3"H x 3"P x 4-1/8"F

6'6"L crown molding

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San-Jose Art Deco Crown Molding

art-deco crown molding san-jose
cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product

Art Deco style often unites opposing elements in its compositions. An Art Deco styled room may employ the use of the colors black and white, may pair a sleek leather sofa with velvet pillows trimmed with feathers, or offset checkered tile flooring with a round rug in an eye popping color. Art Deco finds a way to manipulate contrasting textures, colors, patterns, and materials into an eclectic design that always appears polished and complete.

California is the home to the artfully designed Center for Performing Arts in San Jose. With its rounded shape and circular windows ringing the perimeter of the structure's entrance, it airy quality contrasts sharply with the bleakness of the main building, composed of windowless granite. More remarkable is the obvious deliberate design of the setting: great care was taken to balance the elements of the manmade with nature. The Center for Performing Arts stands as a creation of man offset by an uninterrupted expanse of blue sky; accented by the green garnish of carefully chosen trees; and reflected in the fluid movement of water in a recessed pool.

San-Jose crown molding is designed to soften a room's sharp angles and edges with its mellow linear pattern. It is a design that coheres with any type of decor; this molding may be installed throughout your home for a polished, sophisticated look.

San Jose molding is manufactured from a High Definition Polymer System. (HDPS)

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