Palo-Alto Art Deco Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality crown molding manufactured out of unique High Definition Polymer System (HDPS), environmentally friendly material is hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, no CFC, no PVC, no formaldehydes

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flexible molding
palo-alto art-deco crown molding

Palo-Alto Art Deco Molding

crown molding NWT25

3-1/8"H x 3-1/8"P x 4-1/4"F

6'6"L crown molding

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Palo-Alto Art Deco Style Molding Installed

art-deco style crown molding palo-alto art-deco crown molding palo-alto
palo-alto crown molding in the art-deco room

Palo-Alto Art Deco molding inside the room, Los-Angeles Art-Deco Molding outside, and Houston Art-Deco casing

cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
Art Deco style molding

Palo-Alto Art Deco Molding

Art Deco popularity was fueled by its accessibility; celebrations of luxury and excess pervaded the art deco movement, but the festivities were no longer restricted to the ranks of the wealthy. The practical applications of its designs allowed Art Deco to enhance the lives of every social class.

Art deco design pervaded American culture in countless ways. A look of luxury and opulence was its signature, and churches, schools, hospitals, theatres and public utility buildings were more than worthy subjects to its applications. In California, Palo Alto's The Stanford Theatre brought art deco's glamorous look to the masses, making it clear that art deco design, though magnificent, was accessible for all. The Stanford Theatre's purpose, to promote culture by acting as a point of convergence for sharing ideas and inspirations, was not overshadowed by its impressive design. In applications such as The Stanford Theatre, art deco design sought to elevate a structure's appearance to the stature of the activities being conducted within it.

Although the design is small in scale, Palo Alto crown molding delivers a big visual impact. The molding's centered slope gives way to conservatively spaced steps; Palo Alto crown molding seeks to define a space without being overly intrusive. True to the Art Deco tradition, the geometry of the crown molding design is at once visually striking and subdued.

Palo-Alto crown molding is manufactured from a High Definition Polymer System. (HDPS)
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Adefix - FW
adhesive 10 oz. tube

An extra strong adhesive for molding made of High Definition Polymer System

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