Los-Angeles Art Deco Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality baseboard manufactured out of unique High Definition Polymer System (HDPS), environmentally friendly material is hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, no CFC, no PVC, no formaldehydes

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los-angeles art-deco crown molding

Los-Angeles Art Deco Molding

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Los-Angeles Art Deco Style Molding Installed

los-angeles art-deco molding los-angeles art-deco molding

Los-Angeles Art Deco style crown molding

los-angeles molding in art-deco style

Los-Angeles Art Deco Crown Molding Houston Art-Deco casing and Palo-Alto Art Deco molding

art-deco style molding los-angeles
los-angeles art-deco molding and new-york art-deco style baseboard

Los-Angeles crown molding and New-York Art Deco baseboard

los-angeles crown molding in art-deco room

Los-Angeles Art Deco style molding with Plano chair rail, wall panels are created with Tacoma panel molding, New-York Art Deco baseboard molding; mirror frame is made of Raleigh crown molding

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Los-Angeles art-deco style molding

Los-Angeles Art Deco Molding

The Art Deco style seemed to be the antithesis of the design movements of the past. Popular culture embraced the symmetrical modern designs; Art Deco was the antidote to the austere designs of the Revivalist and Victorian traditions. Art Deco's streamlined forms were the opposite of yesterday's elaborate detail; simplicity was received as the ultimate in modern design.

Sadly, the Pan-Pacific Auditorium in L.A.'s Fairfax district is no longer standing, but in its prime was an eye catching structure that typified art deco architecture: it was incomparable to anything ever seen in architectural design before. The expansive building was modified with the streamlining typically used to convey motion and speed. This resulted in an impressive industrial look to the structure only enhanced by the four towers, making the Pan-Pacific Auditorium look less like an auditorium and more like an airport terminal with a cutting edge design.

The uninterrupted slope of the Los Angeles cove molding softens the hard edges of the room with its streamlined design, but adds refined interest where the edges rest on the ceiling and wall surfaces. Whether extended onto the ceiling to give an illusion of height, or extended down onto the wall creating a cozy felling, the cove molding produces a "domed" effect to the room. Extremely versatile in design, Los Angeles cove molding is an elegant choice for the Art Deco, Modern, Contemporary, or even Traditional interiors.

Los Angeles molding is manufactured from a High Definition Polymer System. (HDPS)
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