New-York Art Deco Baseboard Molding Specifications

Outstanding quality baseboard manufactured out of unique High Definition Polymer System (HDPS), environmentally friendly material is hypoallergenic and fully recyclable, no CFC, no PVC, no formaldehydes

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flexible molding
new-york art-deco baseboard

New-York Art Deco Baseboard

baseboard molding NFD22

5-2/16"H x 11/16"P

6'6"L baseboard molding

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New-York Art Deco Baseboard Installed

art-deco baseboard molding new-york art-deco baseboard molding new-york

New-York Art Deco baseboard molding

new-york art-deco baseboard
new-york art-deco baseboard

New-York Art Deco baseboard in combination with New-York Art Deco molding

new-york art-deco baseboard with art-deco casing
new-york art-deco baseboard and art-deco crown molding

New-York baseboard shown with Houston Art Deco casing, and New-York Art Deco molding

cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
Art Deco baseboard New York

New York Art Deco Baseboard Molding

Art Deco embodied all that was hip, progressive, modern, and cultured. Art Deco was the result of a strong economy, industrial progress, social change, and idealistic values. The spirit that drove the Art Deco movement is most clearly exhibited in the American cities that experienced dramatic growth in the 1920's and 1930's. Through an examination of the architecture of those cities, many cultural inferences can be drawn in regards to this period of American history.

New York City is widely accepted throughout the United States and the world to be the epicenter of American culture. In the 1920's and 1930's New York City entered a period of unprecedented growth marked by the constructions of towering skyscrapers and luxurious hotels. New York was the hotbed of all things glamorous and innovative, making the city the subject of daydreams and an ultimate destination point.

New York baseboard molding is a study of the Art Deco period's regard for classic designs. New York's baseboard profile does not divert the eye: clean, horizontal lines define the contours of the room. This baseboard, with its streamlined designs and zigzag detail, complements any decor and is an ideal choice for any room in your home. Once New York baseboard is installed, the unique baseboard's design eliminates the need for the additional installation of shoe molding.

This baseboard is manufactured from a High Definition Polymer System. (HDPS)
molding adhesive Molding Adhesive
Adefix - FW
adhesive 10 oz. tube

An extra strong adhesive for molding made of High Definition Polymer System

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