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davie crossheads
crossheads davie
Davie Crossheads
crossheads - AW600-6121

available in 36 sizes

6"H x 2-3/4"D x from 24" to 120"W

* additional custom width available at 1/2" increments
naples crossheads
crossheads naples
Naples Crossheads
crossheads - AW900-9144

available in 38 sizes

9"H x 2-3/4"D x from 24" to 144"W

* additional custom width available
knoxville crossheads
crossheads knoxville
Knoxville Crossheads
crossheads - AX1200-12144

available in 41 sizes

12"H x 4-1/2"D x from 21" to 144"W

* additional custom width available
nashville crossheads
crossheads nashville
Nashville Crossheads

small crosshead - AE300
55-1/2"L x 7-5/8"H x 3"D

list price: $ 105.30
your price: $ 84.24

large crosshead - AE301
86-1/2"L x 7-5/8"H x 3"D

list price: $ 153.00
your price: $ 122.40
chatham dentil crossheads
dentil crossheads
Chatham Dentil Crossheads

small crosshead - AE303
55-1/2"L x 7-5/8"H x 3"D

list price: $ 123.50
your price: $ 98.80

large crosshead - AE304
86-1/2"L x 7-5/8"H x 3"D

list price: $ 167.40
your price: $ 133.92
crossheads with keystone
Crossheads with Keystone

small crosshead - ADE301
60"L x 7-5/8"H x 2-1/4"D

list price: $ 140.40
your price: $ 112.32

large crosshead - ADE302
87-3/4"L x 7-5/8"H x 2-1/4"D

list price: $ 186.00
your price: $ 148.80
sonoma crossheads
crossheads sonoma
Sonoma Crossheads

small crosshead - AW758
58"L x 7"H x 5-3/4"D

list price: $ 436.00
your price: $ 348.80

large crosshead - AW7905
90-1/2"L x 7"H x 5-3/4"D

list price: $ 686.00
your price: $ 548.80
memphis crossheads
crossheads memphis
Memphis Crosshead
crossheads AX1468

68"L x 14-1/4"H x 4-1/8"D

list price: $ 297.00
your price: $ 237.60
atlanta crosshead
crosshead atlanta
Atlanta Crossheads
crossheads AW1862

63-3/4"L x 18"H x 5-3/4"D

list price: $ 424.65
your price: $ 339.72
charlotte crosshead
crosshead charlotte
Charlotte Crosshead
crossheads AE902

94"L x 14-1/2"H x 8"D

list price: $ 593.50
your price: $ 474.80
new-york crosshead
crosshead new-york
New-York Crosshead
crossheads AE903

92"L x 17"H x 4-1/4"D

list price: $ 373.50
your price: $ 298.80
keystones for crossheads

Keystones for Crossheads

davie keystone
Davie Keystone keystone
keystone AW601

7"H x 4-1/4"D x 6"W

* use with AW600-6121

list price: $ 31.00
your price: $ 24.80
keystone AW602

7"H x 4-1/4"D x 6"W

* use with AW600-6121

list price: $ 28.50
your price: $ 22.80
Classic Keystone keystone
Charlotte Keystone
keystones AE401

7-1/2"L x 9"H x 4"D

* use with AE300, AE301, AE303, AE304

list price: $ 30.00
your price: $ 27.00
keystones AE901

10-3/4"L x 19"H x 13-1/4"D

* use with AE902 only

list price: $ 124.00
your price: $ 111.60
naples keystone
keystone naples
Naples keystone knoxville keystone
keystone knoxville
Knoxville keystone
keystones AW901

9-7/8"H x 4-1/2"D x 7"W

* use with AW900-9144

list price: $ 32.75
your price: $ 26.20
keystones AX1201

13-1/2"H x 5-7/8"D x 8"W

* use with AX1200-12144

list price: $ 73.25
your price: $ 58.60
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Adding Finishing Touch with Crossheads

Your front door and windows are the first things that guests and visitors to your home will notice. Make sure that they reflect the beauty and grace of your home while expressing your personal sense of style.

Adding trim around your doors and windows actually serves a number of purposes. For one thing, trim like pilasters and crossheads provide emphasis and definition to these openings. You can also use these decorative trim pieces to disguise small construction flaws, which we all wish weren't there but in reality exist in just about every home. In addition, pilasters and crossheads are a great way to incorporate another component of your exterior decor theme. You'll often find these trim elements on houses in the eastern part of the U.S., but that doesn't mean that they can't be used with other home styles to add a striking look that helps to define a doorway or window.

Whether you're looking to transform just your entryway or to spice up and define your window openings as well, the process of installing crossheads is fairly simple and can be accomplished by most do-it-yourselfers. Since these are decorative elements that don't support any other architectural features, there's no worry about load-bearing and those types of issues. Made from highly durable polyurethane, crossheads are light weight and only require standard tools used for working with wood and a good adhesive product. Once installed, you can paint the crosshead to match other trim or in a contrasting color if you're looking for a really bold statement.

Crossheads used over windows are often a bit smaller or less ornate than the crosshead that you place over a front doorway. Although these architectural embellishments are usually fairly subtle in their designs, you don't want to overdo the look by placing a massive crosshead over every opening. A better choice might be to select smaller or simpler versions of the entryway crosshead and place these over the windows for a unifying look and just the right amount of enhancement. To make the job of picking out a crosshead and coordinating pilasters even easier, you'll find that you can often buy these pieces bundled together in a kit.

As great as crossheads look on a home's exterior, don't forget that you can use these decorative pieces inside, as well. Interior windows and doorways can benefit from the added definition and style that pilasters and a complementary crosshead can add, especially in a common room like a living room, dining room, or family room.