Console Tables

Louis XIV style carved wood console table with antique gold-leaf finish and black Marquina marble top with carved beveled edges
Louis XIV style console
18th-century French style carved wood console table with hand-painted medium brown finish antique gold-leaf trim and black Marquina marble top
French console table
Louis XIV style carved wood console table with pickled pine finish, gold-leaf accents and Valencia marble top
Louis XIV console table
Empire style carved wood console table with antique gold-leaf and ivory finish, Valencia marble top with beveled edge
Empire console table
Louis XVI style carved wood console table with floral garland motif, antique gold-leaf finish and Estremoz marble top with curved beveled edge
Louis XVI console table
19th-century English style console table with oak burl and walnut veneer, one drawer and antique brass hardware
English console table

Making a First Impression with Console Tables

The entryway to any home is always an important place to pay extra attention to, since it makes the first impression. Guests entering may think that the homeowner has fabulous decorating taste in their choices of elegant home furnishings. Most homeowners want this to be the exact first impression they impart to guests.

console tables -  home entry decor + console table and carved wood sconces in gold leaf finish
Home entrance decor featuring Louis XIV style console table with Valencia marble top and carved wood sconces with palm leaf motif in gold leaf finish;

One excellent way to make a dynamic first impression is through strategic use of console tables. Tables can be used alone, or decorated in a way that makes a dramatic first impression. Consoles can be decorated with a pretty collection of interesting items placed on top of them, artwork displayed on or above them, or even by decorative lamps or hurricane sconces. The idea is to create balance, symmetry and to showcase some personality in the decorations chosen.

Console tables come in many design styles, from noble styles like Neoclassical and Louis the XIV, to stately traditional styles like Empire, French or Venetian. Tables can have exquisite marble tops in choices like Emperador or Marquina, or they can have a glass or wooden top. A console with a wooden inlay top, or one made from painted wood, is perfect for creating a cottage ambiance.

Effective use of a console can also solve puzzling dilemmas in the home like a corner that is in the entryway, that would otherwise seem like an awkward space. This unique space can be made into a more useful, functional space with a console that acts as a place to put keys, a wallet, gloves, hats, an umbrella or other necessary items that are sometimes hard to find when one is busy rushing out of the house.

Items that are thoughtfully placed on and around console tables can give one an instant feeling of happiness upon entering the home. When a beautiful and much-loved special collection is showcased there, it causes a warm, welcoming feeling. When a memorable or elegant piece of artwork is displayed above the table, a flood of beautiful memories can take one back to the time the art was acquired. Pretty lamps, placed in groups of two for symmetry, add extra light to the space.

Another wonderful decorating idea is to use extra chairs that are not normally used unless a leaf is added to a dining room table. Simply place one chair on each side of the entryway table to add extra seating, perfect for putting on and taking off shoes. Small children and older adults especially will appreciate this extra thoughtfulness. A mirror is another wonderful addition above the table, so those who are rushed on the way out can have one more quick look to be sure their appearance is perfect, because first impressions are important.

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