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Victorian Desk Clock

clocks ASC052

3"dia x 4-1/2"H

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Victorian clocks Victorian clock details desk clocks Victorian clock on the desk
beautiful antique Victorian desk clock

Victorian desk clock in antique brass finish. Victorian clock has aged dial in front, antique compass card on the back (that is easy to exchange for a picture of your choice!), and convex glass magnifiers on both sides. Desk clock can be used alone or displayed on the stand

Victorian engineers loved to tinker with design, and make things look interesting and especially larger then life. A pocket watch transformed into a desk watch, convex optical glass magnifiers showing an enlarged dial and hands. Not exactly a travel watch this one, more desk bound, an object that delights with its translation of form. Turning into a gem under soft lamp light, this clock doesn't easily get lost while always telling time. Victorian clock combines various time zones to function as a richly nostalgic, gracious world time clock.

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