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Celebrate the Passage of Time with Elegant Antique Reproduction Clocks

There is something wondrous about clocks. From the earliest models, timepieces of even the most rudimentary design have had an elegance about them that defies logic. Their inner workings of springs and gears, the rhythmic tick-tock as they work seems to fascinate people of all ages and lifestyles all over the world.

Some may argue that time is a man-made phenomenon; others believe that humans have always recognized the passage of time. While the concept of time in humankind is arguable, man has definitely constructed the items that move in rhythm to time's passage. From the earliest sundials, water clocks and hourglasses to mechanical, digital and even atomic clocks, man has endeavored for more than 6,000 years to build machines that will keep pace with the relentless march of time. With every new type devised and built, the clock maintained its place as something of wonder and is primarily designed to be a thing of beauty as well as one of purpose.

Over the last few hundred years, clocks began to be more appropriate for home or private use. Gears and springs became finer and smaller. Although they decreased in size, they were no less elegant. From the humble wall clock and pocket watch to the simple, yet elegant library clock - each beautiful timepiece seemed to influence the period of time in which they were made, rather than the other way around.

Some believe the heyday of the clock as an art form has already come and gone. Digital and atomic clocks, although interesting, efficient and quite popular, don't seem to embody the concept of time quite like clocks with "faces" do. The analog "face" of a mechanical timepiece seems to be a friendlier one. You could almost imagine it smiling at you in a sympathetic way as it tells you that you're late for work. That open, smiling face is what has taught many of us how to tell the time. It's what most of us picture in our minds when we think about time and continues to be an enduring representative of what we think of when the word "clock" is mentioned.

If you, like many people, are fascinated with time and history, you will enjoy our selection of fine antique reproduction clocks. Our historically accurate nautical pieces include the bulkhead clock, with authentically designed face emblazoned with "Royal West-India Mail Service" surrounded by a rich antiqued brass finish. Beautiful and functional captain clocksand barometers, with their sturdy brass cases and the time and tide clock, with the center of the face dedicated to marking the perpetual movement of the tides can be mounted to the wall or displayed on a desk or table with the optional solid mahogany stand. Each is a wonderful addition to an already nautical theme, or as an elegant conversation piece that stands out from the rest of the decor.

Other antique reproduction clocks include our charming desk watch - small in size but big in visual impact. Some have exposed gears or distressed faces and are available in a variety of finishes. These delightful timepieces can also be displayed on optional stands.

Functional and decorative, these intriguing and elegant pieces bring a taste of practical history into your home. You could say that history has timeless style with these useful, extraordinary works of art.


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