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Floral Rush ceiling medallion
Floral Rush medallion
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Parisian medallion
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Pompano medallion

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Incorporating Ceiling Medallions into Your Ceiling Decor

Once you discover what a difference that architectural embellishments like ceiling medallions can make, your ceilings will never be bare and boring again

Seasoned interior designers advise us that a sophisticated and detailed room design incorporates layers of design. The ceiling is the area of most rooms that lacks these detailed layers that add interest and elegance, but the good news is that this dilemma has an easy fix. Once you discover what a difference that architectural embellishments like ceiling medallions can make, your ceilings will never be bare and boring again.

It's a sad fact that ceilings are often ignored when it comes to decorating and creating a warm and welcoming home environment. But it's important to realize that the ceiling helps to contribute to the overall statement that a room makes, much in the same way as the furniture you choose for the room. Don't let this large unused space remain bare when it's so simple to add the details that make your finished room come alive with style.

You'll find so many options in ceiling medallions that it might be difficult to decide on the perfect design. Whether your preference is for simple and graceful styling or a more ornate and elegant look, the addition of a ceiling medallion can fit perfectly with your vision for a room.

While you might think that a ceiling medallion should be confined to the dining room as a focal point and an anchor for the chandelier, you'd be missing out on the range of what these embellishments can provide in ambiance for other rooms. Think for a moment about one type of room where people lie down, which puts them in a position to direct their gaze upward. That's right; bedrooms create an excellent opportunity to admire the dimensional beauty of ceiling medallions. But don't stop there; consider the decorative impact that an appropriately sized medallion could have on a living room ceiling. In this context, a medallion can add closure to the room while reflecting the decorative details found in the living room furniture, artistic objects, or even other types of architectural trim.

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When placing a ceiling medallion, you also have a choice with color with which to emphasize this interesting detail. For a more subtle look that blends in with the rest of the room, the medallion can be painted in the same color as the ceiling. This choice encourages the eye to take in the dimensional details of the medallion without taking sharp notice due to a contrasting color. The other side of this coin involves painting the ceiling medallion in a color which is different from the rest of the ceiling. This bolder move serves to draw the eye to the ornate beauty of the ceiling medallion itself, much in the same way as a piece of artwork.

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dining room's ceiling details
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adding unexpected elegance to walls with ceiling medallions
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