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St. Petersburg Ceiling Medallion

1 piece ceiling medallion EM58802

28-7/8"H x 42-3/4"W
inner diameter: 2"H X 4"W

list price: $499.75
your price: $399.80
2 piece ceiling medallion EM58802x2

28-7/8"H x 42-3/4"W x 1"P
inner diameter: 3"

list price: $499.75
your price: $399.80
ceiling medallion ceiling medallion center ceiling medallion details

St. Petersburg ceiling medallion molded in deep relief design to achieve the highest degree of quality and details. This decorative medallion for ceiling giving you look and feel of plaster while it is much easier to install than plaster or gypsum due to the weight, dimensional stability, precise tolerances and flexibility.

- ceiling medallion manufactured from high density furniture grade polyurethane.

- decorative medallion is water and heat resistant, impervious to insect infestation and odor free.

- center hole on the ceiling medallion is easily drilled or cut with a pen-knife to any dimension.

- for installation of the ceiling medallion use specially formulated ceiling adhesive.