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Adding Detail and Elegance with Ceiling Molding

Become a ceiling artisan and fashion your own elegant look for any room with the creative use of ceiling molding. Dundee panel molding and decorative molding corner was used in this room for an ornate and sophisticated focal point on the ceiling. When used in combination with gorgeous Marseilles ceiling medallion to highlight a gorgeous crystal chandelier, the effect is both stunning and elegant.

It's these small extra elements of ceiling design that do wonders to dress up what is often a forgotten part of any room, its ceiling. Crown molding, when used as decorative enhancement to a room, creates an eye catching effect in an understated way. Cumberland panel molding is beautifully combined here with Large Montgomery cove molding that when used together, prove that it is attention to the smallest details that have the biggest impact on the look of a room.

Have holiday gatherings at your home and be proud to show off the creative decorative touches you've added to your ceilings by the smart use of ceiling moldings. Be a decorative inspiration to friends and family through your creativity and decorative ability. Show them something they most likely have not seen before by using crown molding to accent the borders of your ceiling. Create a special magic by making any room look entirely different and unique.

Your thoughtful use of imaginative ceiling design features can inspire playfulness, or it can create a gorgeous and elegant statement of the latest in room fashion design. Take an area of a room that is normally ignored and make it into a decorative showcase. Make your crystal chandelier pop with not only its feature of light, but elegance surrounding it by using a pretty ceiling medallion.

Light and shadows come into play when using crown molding, which can have the effect of making a room's ceiling seem to be higher or lower. Make a small room appear as if it is larger or a large room look like it's more cozy by using ceiling moldings. This element of luxurious ceiling design is an inexpensive way to create that desired look of elegance in any room.

Moldings come primed and ready to be painted in rich white or in any other color you choose. In fact, adding color to molding adds a whole other element of interest. Combine colors to create a stunning look or simply keep everything white for that extra look of luxury.