dining room ceiling

Dining Room Ceiling Details

ceiling details that can transform a plain ceiling into an architectural marvel

Dining rooms offer a warm and welcoming space where we share meals with loved ones. One way by which you can add style and elegance to your dining room is through the addition of simple yet dramatic ceiling details.

When it comes to interior design and dining rooms, the ceiling is an area that is frequently neglected. After all, how often do people actually look straight up?

In actuality, the architectural details of a ceiling make their way into our consciousness when we take in the view of an entire dining room. A plain and unadorned ceiling makes the whole room seem unsophisticated and somehow unfinished. On the other hand, dining rooms with interesting stylistic details such as crown moldings, decorative ceiling medallions, ceiling rims, and embellishments add layers of interesting architectural details that pull the entire room together.

For many homeowners, the design of the upper reaches of the dining room includes the chandelier and nothing more. While it is true that a distinctive and elegant chandelier can add a beautiful focal point to the dining room, there are a wealth of additional ceiling details that can transform a plain ceiling into an architectural marvel.

One area of the ceiling that cries out for embellishment is the point at which the chandelier joins the ceiling. Ceiling medallions provide the perfect accent in this area as well as balance for the chandelier; these embellishments come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to coordinate with any decorating scheme. For more dramatic contrast, consider painting the medallion in a color that contrasts with the color of the ceiling.

Ceiling domes are similar to medallions in the effect that they provide. These architectural embellishments are especially suited for dining rooms with high ceilings since the dome extends downward by a few inches or so. As with a ceiling medallion, a dome can be elegantly accented by painting it a color that is different from the ceiling itself.

The addition of simple to ornate panel molding and corners for ceiling can turn a ho-hum ceiling into a richly layered showpiece. In addition to helping to define the boundaries of the room, moldings serve to add dynamic interest, coordinate with the dining room's existing decor, and complement the chandelier and other decorative ceiling elements. From a simple border to an ornately designed pattern, the variety of choices in ceiling molding designs means that there are options for every style of dining room.