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Ceiling Decor Inspiration

living room ceiling design

ceiling decor inspiration - for a well-appointed interior, don't forget about the ceiling

dining room ceiling design

dining room ceiling inspiration - ceiling details that can transform a plain ceiling into an architectural marvel

beautiful ceiling design ceiling design with molding and chandelier

beautiful ceiling design ceiling design with molding and chandelier

ceiling with architectural details

As the largest unused space in any room, the ceiling is ideal place for adding architectural details

living ceiling room decor with ceiling medalion and panel molding

As each room has a different ceiling that affects the feeling of the space, a range of creative options is available to you if you decide your ceilings deserve or need decorative attention

ceiling decor with ceiling lighti and ceiling rim

The strategic use of ceiling design elements not only provides the elegant finishing touch to a room, but these embellishments can also help to compensate for a room's shortcomings

bedroom ceiling design with decorative molding

Structural ceiling take advantage of the inherent aesthetic quality of house framing. Roof structures and ceiling joists can be quite beautiful

decorative molding with wood carvings

Decorative molding not only dresses up the room, it is often the backbone of the room's design

elaborate panel and crown molding on the ceiling

elaborate panel and crown molding on the ceiling. When you look at the prospect of pulling a room together think first about adding crown molding to the room

dining room ceiling design with quality crown molding and ceiling medallion

To make your ceiling decor project successful, it's wise to spend a little more to ensure that your finished product will look tasteful and effortless

blue bedroom ceiling design with cove molding, decorative panels and ceiling medallion

Whether your tastes run more to modern or you prefer traditional, there's a perfect molding to complement your ceiling decor

red ceiling designed with white crown molding and panel molding with decorative corners

Redecorating with moldings gives you a chance to create new warmth and beauty in the home you originally fell in love with

ceiling decor with character

Coordinating various moldings with one another and with other architectural room elements brings a sense of balance and unity to a design scheme

sophisticated ceiling decor

Architectural ornamentation changes and transforms spaces with plain-looking walls and ceilings into elegant and sophisticated decor

gorgeous dining room with ceiling molding and ceiling medallion

Architectural trim or molding not only hides gaps and dresses up corners, it is often the backbone of a room design

elegant ceiling and ceiling details ideas

Creating a polished look is easy with elegant molding. Pretty ceiling details like these can fit seamlessly into the home

ceiling design with moldings

Adding welcoming dimensions to your ceiling by bringing decorative ceiling elements

creative ceiling design

Walls and ceiling take on different moods throughout the day and at night as well as at different times of the year

beautiful ceiling design with ceiling medallion and other moldings for ceiling

While ceiling take up the same space as the floor, few people consider spending even a fraction of their decorating budget on the ceiling design to make ceiling beautiful

ceiling with ornamental molding and ceiling medallion with chandelier

Become a ceiling artisan and fashion your own elegant look for any room with the creative use of ceiling molding

ceiling decor with ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions are very fashionable, and they are a high-value addition to the home

dining room ceiling details

Grand ceiling treatment adds depth and interest to the dining room ceiling

decorative crown and panels with decorative corners on the ceiling

decorative crown and panels with decorative corners on the ceiling

temple ceiling design with molding and lighting

impressive temple ceiling design with molding and lighting