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Corbels and Brackets


wood corbels and brackets

are hand-

crafted from red and white oak, cherry, hard

maple, alder, beech and white hardwood.

Browsing through the pages of our catalog

you'll discover a wide variety of hardwood

corbels designs. There are many options to

choose from, whether something ornate is

desired, or something simple and classic.

Choosing the Style

When choosing a style, it is good to look

around the area the corbels or brackets are

installed. Does the space have a modern

style or a classic style? Is the style more

traditional or does it lean towards


Arts and Crafts style ?


, we offer corbels

and wood brackets with clean and simple

lines to corbels with elaborate curves and

scrolls to corbels with whimsical, eclectic

details. No matter what your style is, or

what your design goal may be, there is a

style of corbel that is perfect for your decor.

Choosing the Correct Wood

Our wood corbels and brackets can be used

in a wide variety of applications. All carved

corbels and brackets are triple-sanded ready

to be stained or painted. Before you choose

your hardwood, we strongly suggest you

consider your specific project:

If you intend to paint your corbels one solid


; the best wood types for your project is

Alder, Maple, or White hardwood. A nice,

tight grain is a characteristic of these wood

types, and since the opaque quality of the

paint will cover the grain in the end, these

wood varieties are the most cost effective for

your project.

If you intend to stain your corbels

and wish

to match an existing stain, Maple and Alder

is the wisest choice. These varieties are

lighter in color and possess a minimal grain.

Apply the stain in layers until you achieve

the depth of stain you desire. Maple and

Alder are the most forgiving of the varieties

and are considered to be the most user-


If you wish to stain White Hardwood

, be

aware that this hardwood is less dense than

the wood varieties. This quality allows the

wood to absorb stain the most extensively,

so the utmost care must be taken with the

application. Vigilance is required when

applying the stain, since any overlapping of

layers will show clearly. With White

Hardwood, you must work quickly and


If you wish to match existing Cherry cabinet


finished in a clear varnish,

select a Cherry corbel and finish it in clear

varnish as well. The same rule can be