McLean carved wood chair-rail
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McLean hand-carved chair-rail molding
carved molding B1920

3-1/16"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L
wood list price your price qty.
bass $203.73 $162.98
wood molding
maple $285.00 $228.00
maple molding
cherry $285.00 $228.00
cherry molding
red oak $285.00 $228.00
oak molding
carved chair-rail

height - 3-1/16"
projection - 5/8"
length - 8'00"

available in bass, hard maple, red oak, and cherry

price is per 8 foot length

available in flexible material

hand-carved panel molding

- outstanding quality molding profile milled from high grade, kiln dried bass, hard maple, red oak, and cherry

- decorative design is hand carved.

- chair-rail molding sold unfinished and can be easily stained, painted or glazed.

The installation of these moldings should be treated the same manner as you would treat any wood molding:

- all chair-rail molding should be kept in a clean and dry environment away from excessive moisture.

- acclimate wooden moldings for 5-7 days.

- when installing wood molding, it is recommended to nail molding securely to studs and glue all mitered corners for maximum support.