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Capitals as a Historical Architectural Elements

An art historian, George Hersey, believed that columns elicit an empathetic response, us connecting with forces that come from external things. We see the adorned column as ourselves standing upright under stress, holding something up, just as many people see themselves as trees, rooted and always spreading, even the skin tells a story in the manner that the bark does. Emotions such as "come in" or "I am jubilant" were expressed with the animals and plants that adorned the capitals sitting atop of the columns. Columns adorned with capitals became visual "words" in the Greek culture, certain columns and capitals fit certain building sizes, shapes, and looks.

Corinthian Capital / 1798 / drawing

Columns were not always placed within different spaces, they were put with different amount of space between them and it created a rhythm when looking upon the design. Capitals revamped the Greek architectural language. It is so easy to bring home the feel the past decades, easily adding elaboration to your entrance way or a grand room. It is a great way to communicate the ancient language of Greek architecture to your house guests. Every time you gaze at the capital sitting atop of the column, thoughts of your strength and triumph as well as the triumph of the ancient heroes will come to mind.

Collection of hand-crafted carved wood capitals and half-capitals. Capitals carved from premium selected hard wood in classic designs. All capitals are available in solid hard maple, cherry and white oak.

The gorgeous capitals seen on our website are perfect for any home in need for a little something special. It is a great way to top off a post or a pilaster. The designs that we carry have been used through centuries. The ancient exquisite designs can easily be a part of your life today and bring a sophisticated design to the modern living styles of today.

The Ionic Capital design is shown in the Maryland capitals and the Arlington capitals. The Ionic capital design is found in the Temple of Ilyssus. It is one of the first capital designs to be used and paved the path for the later designs to come to light. The Austin capital reflects the style of the Corinthian Capital that was used in the Panthon in Rome. The Corinthian Capitals reflect the Roman and Greek architectural style. The early Corinthian designs floral patterns were used in metal and marble. The columns were meant to reflect the human body and they were to express emotions.

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