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Wood Brackets Do the Heavy Lifting in Style

Supports for shelves, counters, fireplace mantles and other structures are a necessity - especially if the items are heavy or have a significant overhang. If you have granite countertops with a lot of overhang or shelves for heavy objects, strong brackets are the no-brainer solution. But not just any brackets will do to grace the interior of your home. Decorative wood brackets are the solution to your dilemma. Carved in delicate designs or unadorned, the richness of wood adds a touch of elegance to nearly any application.

Similar to corbels, brackets are slightly slimmer in width and have more depth. As with corbels, the variety of designs in all of our brackets is extensive, from simple and angular to beautifully curved and ornately carved. Contemporary, traditional or fanciful, there is no need to go with "Plain Jane" brackets anywhere in your home!

Strong wood brackets can be used virtually any place where support for a shelf, counter or other weighty object is needed. The kitchen is the most obvious location for decorative brackets, supporting the overhang of countertops, the breakfast bar, the center island and shelves. In the dining room, decorative wood brackets can support a shelf to compliment a buffet table or wine cabinet. Bookshelves or media cases become pieces of art and architecture with the addition of beautiful wood brackets in a variety of styles.

Display a collection of items using a series of shelves with handsome wood brackets holding them up. It's not recommended to install shelves without affixing them to the brackets, but if you do, be sure that the brackets are close in length to the depth of the shelf to ensure full support. It's also recommended to ensure that any shelves are installed in places where they cannot be accidentally bumped.

Beautifully carved wood brackets can be used as non-supportive decoration, as well. Try adding shallow brackets or corbels beneath the upper cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom for some decorative flair. Installing decorative brackets under lighter shelves or countertops gives the illusion of support while adding depth and dimension.

Our beautiful wooden brackets are made of solid wood - maple oak, cherry or other premium hardwoods, depending on the style you choose. Only the best woods can ensure strength and beauty. We send them to you unfinished, so that you can stain to match your existing woodwork. If you choose not to stain, a coating of varnish is enough to set the wood glowing and ready to install.

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adding panache to your kitchen remodel with wooden brackets
If you're remodeling your kitchen, you're probably thinking of the kind of cabinets you would like, the style of pulls or knobs should be used or what kind of countertops and in what colors would work best for your kitchen revamp. But while you're considering these options for your kitchen remodel, think about the structural aspects while reflecting on expressing your unique style at the same time. The application of wood brackets in strategic places in your new kitchen can make a minor update into a major attraction. Think about adding a few of our beautiful wood brackets to support the countertop - especially if using a solid material, such as granite or concrete.... read more about how to add wooden brackets to your kitchen >>

wood brackets for kitchen counters

wood brackets for countertops
What is a Wood Bracket? A wood bracket is a structural element which supports furniture and architectural elements such as shelves, bookcases, plant hangers, mantles and more. Wood brackets are essential for support of kitchen countertops, especially if it is a granite counter. Brackets are very similar to wood corbels in function; however, brackets are generally thinner than corbels, and often decorated with cut away carvings. Corbels and wood brackets are both architectural accents but brackets, being narrower, are great for countertop bars and for supporting wider shelves.... read more about wood brackets and what's the difference between corbels and brackets >>