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Semi-Precious Stones Solitaire

games AGR022

13-3/4" x 3-5/8"
38 semi-precious stone spheres (30mm each)

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semi-precious stones

At least 15 different semi-precious minerals. Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, Serpentine, Hematite, Bloodstone, Lazulite, Amethyst, Crystal, Garnet... Try your hand at jewel-like stones with our precious solitaire...

All the marbles for this solitaire game are mined, hand-cut, ground and polished by hand in Madagascar. Madagascar is known for its unique variety of minerals. Every mineral is by definition unique, giving every Solitaire marble set its own unique character. Configuration depends on season and availability.

Your game may contain marbles of the same mineral, but of different colors. Depending on the mining season during the time of production, this game may include marbles formed of the following minerals: Agate Mousse, Amazonite, Amphibole, Anhydride, Apatite (blue, green), Aragonite, Calcite (blue, orange, yellow, other), Chalcocite, Cipolin, Colombite, Cormaline, Crystal, Feldspath, GalenaGirasol, Gneiss, Hematoide (red), Jasper (green, red,yellow, other), Labradorite Marble (rose, white), Microcline, Opal, Quartz, Rhodonite, Septarian, Serpentine, Sphene, Spinel.

The game of Solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille prison during the early years of the French Revolution. Solitaire game is played with 36 marbles. The object is to eliminate all but one marble, which should ideally end up in the center of the game board.

Contents: A collection of 38 (two spares) hand-cut and polished semi-precious marbles, selected for color and variety. Game board made of non-endangered hardwood. French finished game board on a small pedestal.

To play: Fill all the indents with marbles, then remove the center marble and place on the outer ring (fig.). The player begins by selecting a marble that can jump over another marble in either horizontal or vertical directions and land in an empty space. Then the jumped marble is removed and placed on the outer ring. Continue jumping and removing marbles until no further moves are possible. In a perfect game, one marble remains in the center.

Semi-precious stone Solitaire