Venetian tic-tac-toe game
Venetian tic-tac-toe game
solitaire game with semi-precious stones
semi-precious solitaire
dutch renaissance domino game
domino game
venetian glass solitaire game
Venetian glass solitaire
roulette game
roulette game

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Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe Game. Bring out the Burgundy, light a pipe, and set the game board... A beautiful table is not available when you're on safari. Folding Mombasa chairs and a campaign box will have to do; after all your camping out in the Serengeti.

Glints of exquisitely varnished cherry, matching aged bronze. Hand blown oversized Venetian glass marbles in white and black complete the Noughts and Crosses palette. This hand-crafted Tic-Tac-Toe set is independently beautiful, it pays off to take things along.

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Dutch Renaissance Domino Game. The original Domino set was carved in ivory by a Dutch Renaissance artist. Possibly the most unusual domino game in the world. Every domino visage has its own moral significance, some lost over the ages, some still known. Domino set comes with presentation tray in antique French finish. Dutch renaissance domino game is unique gift as well as historical decorative item.

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Staunton Chess Set. Marvels of grace, balance, beauty and simplicity... This is reproduction of THE classic chess set that established a worldwide standard used since the mid-19th C.

Our production is a detailed replica of an original ivory chess set manufactured by the British 'Jacques' company, circa 1850, and purchased at a 1990s London auction. English chess master, Howard Saunton, promoted this set at the first international chess tournament in 1851. It's clearly distinguishable pieces soon became the competition standard known as the 'Staunton' set

Study the King's crown and Queen's coronet, details of bishops and rooks, knights modeled after marble stallion heads from the Parthenon, on down to the diminutive pawn. Admire the simple, yet elegant chess contours. Chess fiquers are well-weighted. Shaped to hold, to touch, to admire... To be gazed at in unwavering and total concentration.

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Roulette Game. In our age Roulette is one of the more popular casino games, Roulette was in widespread use in the 18th C. in Europe and America. Being outlawed occasionally a portable roulette was invented, which was popular with officers of the Imperial Army and taken on campaign. Simplified with less numbers it still allows for fun gambling. This roulette is a sophisticated travel version of the elaborate Monte Carlo table mounted wheels, it dates back to the Victorian era, made to order for the Army & Navy stores. Place lid on bowl, spin the ebony shaft, drop in the wood ball through the hole and wait for the wheel to stop spinning. Place bets and open lid... Win or lose!

Spinning Tops and Board Game The thing with spinning tops is, once you start, you can't stop. A subtle, yet forceful finger twist sets the top on its seemingly magic tour across the curved surface of the bowl. The shallow curve prevents our spinning top from touching the rim, dramatically prolonging its spin. Six tops in six colors allow players to compete for the longest spin. Pick it up by its tapered wood finial. Twist and drop. Marvel...

Chinese Checkers Game. A craze for all things oriental followed the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. Though actually a 19 C. American invention named Halma (Greek for jump), the game acquired an exotic allure to rival the wide popularity of Mah-Jongg when marketed as Chinese Checkers.

Solitaire Games. The game of Solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille prison during the early years of the French Revolution. The game is played with 36 marbles. The object is to eliminate all but one marble, which should ideally end up in the center of the game board.

We produce several Solitaire games, each with their own unique and varying marbles. All the game pieces are made and polished by hand. Your game may contain semi-precious stones, petrified wood or Venetian glass marbles. Color and finish may vary depending on the mining season or production. 

Venetian Glass Solitaire...individually hand-blown Venetian glass marbles, full of color, against a solid ebony board. Art in itself, functional and fun as beautiful home accessory and as solitaire game...

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Semi-Precious Solitaire. At least 15 different semi-precious minerals. Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, Serpentine, Hematite, Bloodstone, Lazulite, Amethyst, Crystal, Garnet... Try your hand at jewel-like stones with our precious solitaire...

All the marbles are mined, hand-cut, ground and polished by hand in Madagascar. Madagascar is known for its unique variety of minerals. Every mineral is by definition unique, giving every Solitaire marble set its own unique character. Configuration depends on season and availability.

Your game may contain marbles of the same mineral, but of different colors. Depending on the mining season during the time of production, this game may include marbles formed of the following minerals: Agate Mousse, Amazonite, Amphibole, Anhydride, Apatite (blue, green), Aragonite, Calcite (blue, orange, yellow, other), Chalcocite, Cipolin, Colombite, Cormaline, Crystal, Feldspath, GalenaGirasol, Gneiss, Hematoide (red), Jasper (green, red,yellow, other), Labradorite Marble (rose, white), Microcline, Opal, Quartz, Rhodonite, Septarian, Serpentine, Sphene, Spinel.

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