Bedroom Essentials

bedroom lighting
1. Soft lighting. Soft bedroom lighting must be restful and intimate. Create a mood lighting in the bedroom with candles. Candles provide a romantic glow, and look exquisite on the crystal candlesticks. Place two table lamps on each side of the bed. Table lamps with fabric shades diffuse the hardness of electric light.

plants and flowers for bedroom

2. Plants and Flowers. It is helpful to use a variety of plants in most areas of the home as their diverse qualities compliment each other and provide a more balanced flow of energy wherever they are situated. Round-leaved plants are soothing and they are increasing the romantic ambiance of the bedroom.

bedroom storage

3. Bedroom Storage. Have plenty of storage and closet space in your bedroom, and keep your closes and possessions tucked away. Well organized bedroom closet contributes greatly to the ambience of the bedroom.

bedroom pillows and linens

4. The Bed. The bed is likely to be the dominant piece of furniture in the bedroom. The right bed can also revitalize your energy, influence aspects of your everyday life. Wood is the most favorable material for the bed frame. An attractive headboard can add considerable charm to the bedroom.

6. Pillows. Indulge your bedroom by splurging on pillows, they help support your back when you are seated, they are cozy to lean against, and they're fun to us as an arm-rest. Pillows add softness wherever they land, and are excellent way to use expensive fabrics in a small doses.

7. Bed Linens. Since they are used next to your skin, it is even more important that sheets, pillowcases, blankets and duvet covers are made of pure cotton, linen, silk or wool. Cotton and linen are preferable because they "breathe" better than silk. Avoid synthetic fabrics. Quilts and duvets, likewise, should contain only natural down or cotton filling. Keep bed linen and bedcovers raised well above the floor, so that air can circulate freely under the bed.

bedroom floors

8. Floor Covering. Floors are one third of the visual space of any room and usually a one third of decorating budget. The type of floor you choose for your bedroom should be determine by function, taste, budget and amount of upkeep required. Soft materials create a relaxing atmosphere, so a fitted carpet is ideal for the bedroom.