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Home Bar Furniture and Accessories
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Speakeasy bar accessories

Speakeasy Bar Accessories

Thirst extinguisher cocktail shaker Fire extinguisher cocktail shaker
Thirst Extinguisher cocktail shaker ACS001
$248.75 $199.00
Fire Extinguisher cocktail shaker ACS002
$218.75 $175.00
speakeasy bell cocktail shaker Lighthouse cocktail shaker
Bell cocktail shaker ACS003
$248.75 $199.00
Lighthouse cocktail shaker ACS010
$373.75 $299.00
wine box  Dumbbell cocktail shaker
wine box AFF101
$173.75 $139.00  
Dumbbell cocktail shaker ACS004
$248.75 $199.00
butlers tray single serve serving tray
butlers tray AFF102
16" x 25" x 2"H
$123.75 $99.00
single serve tray AFF107
18 x 10 x 2.5"
$98.75 $79.00
bachelor serving tray british butler table and serving tray
bachelor tray AFF108
14.5 x 11 x 2"
$98.75 $79.00
British butler table ACF003F
34.25 x 26"
$561.25 $449.00

Bar Furniture

ivory trunk bar bar in the black trunk
ivory trunk bar AMF078
23.2"W x 24.4"D x 57.9"H
$4,118.75 $3,295.00
black trunk bar AMF078B
23.2"W x 24.4"D x 57.9"H
$4,118.75 $3,295.00
Polo Club Trunk Bar Grand Club trunk bar
Polo Club Trunk Bar AMF114B
23.7"W x 21.1"D x 38.6"H
$1,993.75 $1,595.00
Grand Club trunk bar AMF134
21.25"W x 19"D x 50"H
$2,437.50 $1,950.00
black casablanca home bar Sommelier Put-Away wine rack
Casablanca bar / black AMF047B
40.9"W x 20.5"D x 43.5"H
$3,123.75 $2,499.00
Sommelier Put-Away wine rack AMF127
21"W x 5.25"D x 14.25"H
$223.75 $179.00
wine and glass rack bar furniture wine bottle rack and bookcase / glass unit #2
Stackable Wine Rack Unit 1 AMF212
19.75 x 12 x 16.5"
$468.75 $375.00
Stackable Wine Rack and Bookcase Unit 2 AMF211
19.75 x 12 x 16.5"
$468.75 $375.00
wine bottle rack unit #3
Stackable Wine Rack Unit 3 AMF210
19.75 x 12 x 16.5"
$468.75 $375.00
1930s industrial design barstool Speakeasy barstool with leather seat
1930s industrial design barstool AMF128
17.25" x 15" x 25" (adjustable height)
$248.75 $199.00
Speakeasy barstool with leather seat AMF138
14" x 14" x 32.25" (adjustable height)
$468.75 $375.00
1930s industrial design barstool 1930s industrial design barstool
1930s industrial design barstool AMF129
18.25" x 16.25" x 26.5"H (adjustable height)
$248.75 $199.00
1930s industrial design barstool AMF130
15.75" x 13.75" x 25.25" (adjustable height)
$248.75 $199.00
black barstool black barstool
barstool AMF044A
$531.25 $425.00
barstool AMF043A
$373.75 $299.00
artisan bar stool - medium height artisan bar stool - low height
artisan bar stool (medium) AMF150
16.25 x 16.5 x 24.75"
$311.25 $249.00
artisan bar stool (low) AMF149
16.25 x 15.5 x 18.25"
$273.75 $219.00
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home bar entertaining

liven up your entertaining with a home bar
Today's homeowners have found that one thing that is an attractive addition to any home - a home bar. Today's models are not only eye catching but functional as well. It is possible to entertain guests or simply enjoy a leisure evening with drinks conveniently at hand. The modern home bar is tastefully decorated to fit in with any décor and adds selling value to the property as well... 👉🏻 home bars

shaking it speakeasy style

shaking it speakeasy style - speakeasy bar accessories
It's easy to create your own unique version of a speak easy in your home with specialized bar accessories. Entrance into a home speak easy doesn't even require a secret code word, a specialized handshake or a series of secret knocks any more. In the 1920s until about 1933 these things might have been required. These were the years when a bold, new experiment was tried. It was called Prohibition... 👉🏻 speakeasy bar accessories

trunk furniture

decorative trunk furniture
When you see a trunk, chances are that you think of the Golden Age of travel, when people on journeys packed their clothes and belongings in voluminous trunks so that they were prepared for anything. Before the time of air travel, many adventurers used trains or steam ships to reach their destinations, and trunks were their constant companions. Nowadays, most travelers choose compact and light-weight luggage for their take-along belongings, but trunks have found a permanent place in home decor as useful pieces of furniture... 👉🏻 how to increase your home's adventure quotient with trunk furniture

Home bar furniture and Speakeasy specials bar accessories.Home Bars and selection of furniture for home bars as well as Prohibition inspired Speakeasy bar accessories. Collection of freestanding home bars and classic cocktail shakers

Speakeasy Specials Bar Accessories

Headed up by the Boston Lighthouse Shaker, our new Speakeasy Specials all feature surprising and unusual shapes. Decorative designs that differed from the classic shaker shape were in fashion, to make them less easily recognized by the police. All this was during the 1920s, when the Congress voted in the Prohibition and the US went "dry". Illegal bars called speakeasies came in many varieties.

Speakeasy bar accessories
👉🏻 Lighthouse cocktail shaker I love this Lighthouse cocktail shaker. Beside the fact that it is meticulously crafted reproduction of classic prohibition time shaker, this quite stunning functional bar accessory is a conversation starter. You will be surprised to find out how many people do not know that during prohibition times all alcohol related items were camouflaged to look like something else (decorative items, dumbbells, bells and so on... ) to make them less easily recognized by the police.

72 ounces of Lighthouse. A copy of a capacious classic cocktail shaker originally produced around 1925 by the International Silver company in Connecticut.

Prohibition classic cocktail shakers; Speakeasy bar accessories; speakeasy party

All shakers are made of heavily silver-plated brass and are food safety approved

home bar accessories: butlers tray and wine box

👉🏻 wine box 👉🏻 butlers tray

Stylish entertaining is en vogue. A universe of tradition is on record. It goes with classical architecture, and connects to a rich and interesting past. Contemporary use based on venerable form. The new classic. The campaign serving tray in lustrous French finish and brass-bound corners.

You want something solid. Lived in and comfortable. Warm and rich looking. Soft and easy to the touch as if waxed and polished by generations of housemaids. Boxes to hold documents and treasures... Wooden wine box fits 6 standard wine bottles. Wine box has brass campaign corners to survive damage during challenging moves across the country or even oceans. After all, our furniture is made to travel well... This box fits neatly inside the Casablanca Bar for wine storage.

Home Bar Furniture

home bar; hom bar furniture and accessories
👉🏻 black Casablanca bar

A challenging game of chess while enjoying a noble Petrus 1956 is less advisable when playing the bartender, the one in charge of refills. But hey, handling the ivory Staunton chess pieces dating from the 1850s and enjoying an excellent smooth vintage is a thing to be stretched, enjoyed, and noted into the annals of well being. I'm enjoying my little bar, so easy to roll, serve a drink, strike up a conversation...

In your home you want a simple, fun, unobtrusive piece of furniture, easy to put away, but also easy to roll into the center of the action. A bar should invite discourse (familial, philosophical) and reminiscences. Home bar should support loudness but also stillness. This home bar exceeds imagination. Casablanca bar has wheels, game boards (three), and a glass top that displays your baby-pictures or the snapshots from your latest tiger hunt. It also stores oodles of bottles and gear, and wheels into tight corners.

black Casablanca bar
👉🏻 black Casablanca bar

You love to hang out at Harry's Bar in Singapore, with its long expanse of polished mahogany and stools, brass rails to lean on, and above all its Singapore Sling and Bloody Maries. Admit it, this bar can't and shouldn't be replicated at home.

bar furniture; bar stools

👉🏻 barstool 👉🏻 barstool with high back

The design of our tall brasserie accessory goes back to the late 19th century when bentwood furniture was developed in Vienna and exported across Europe and the rest of the world. Timeless in style and sturdy in construction, many have survived ages. And this hand-made barstool will follow the same tradition, when handled with love and care.

Trunk Bars.

Fun and functionality of the trunk bar coalescing into an impressive piece of historic proportions. Wheel in the bar! Park and lock it somewhere close at hand!

Orient Express trunk bar

Polo Club Trunk Bar is big enough for pur-sang bartending but small enough to fit into a chic studio. Built in canvas-covered wood with leather accents, bronze hardware. Varnished wood slats for protection; available at InvitingHome.com
👉🏻 Polo Club Trunk Bar

Enjoy the flavor of a bygone age of luxury. Combine its fin-de-siècle appeal with the practicality of efficient storage.

ivory trunk bar; home bar decor with fun bar furniture and accessories; #speakeasy party ideas, #trunk #bar
👉🏻 ivory trunk bar

Made in the style of turn-of-the-century travel trunks. Solid brass hardware and bridle leather accouterments complete a hand-built, two-part bar inside a large trunk set on sturdy wheels. A multitude of drawers, two serving trays, racks for both horizontal and vertical bottles. Mirror and foldout work shelf. Taking out the shelf unit on the right frees up a removable game board. Future party animal cum classic trunk replica. Iconic. Confidently evocative of the Belle Epoque when a hunt required only a Martini or a whiskey sour at hand!

Sommelier Put-Away wine rack. You may want to show off your eclectic lineup with examples from various elegant bouquets. Or you may just like the labels. Red or white, rose in summer. A wall rack with the stamp and approval of the professional sommelier. Glasses hanging, a classic kitchen accouterment. Use our pre-printed varietal wine labels or create your own.

Sommelier Put-Away wine rack
👉🏻 Sommelier Put-Away wine rack


glass beverage dispenser; This stylish universal beverage dispenser is situated on a sturdy rattan base with a turn knob spout, making it a great way to display your favorite mixed drink
👉🏻 universal beverage dispenser