Wall Art

wall art

Wall Art

Art comes to mind as purely decorative, but if it's good art, it's more than that. The acquisition of art is not the result of a decorative scheme. It comes to be a part of a room by a different route.

You may collect art that is in line with your general taste. For instance, you may not be drawn to both a staid English landscape and a groovy orange 1962 conversation pit - but it's not out of the question that you would be. And you wouldn't be alone.

Flipping through a magazine, you might come across any number of rooms that have carved, gilded French chairs covered in museum-documented yellow silk damask-sitting in front of a painting. Or hanging over the Chinese console, you might have a pair of beautifully framed self-portraits that your children made in kindergarten.

People hang art for one reason-as part of an inherited collection, perhaps as an acquired interest having to do with their profession, as tributes to the cleverness of their children-but they decorate their rooms for an entirely different reason: personal taste and style.

floor and wall screens

Floor and Wall Screens

Our collection of wall screens are exquisite works of art. Hand painted by master artisans in extraordinary detail wall screens will add a level of sophistication and luxury to any home. Art is a subjective matter, but you can't go wrong with hand painted floor and wall screens that are crafted in classical Japanese and Chinese styles. Three of our wall Screens depict Japanese scenes featuring: boating excursion, horses in landscape, and the solace of a weeping willow all on a antiqued background. - Japanese wall screen with hand-painted wooden boating excursion composition - decorative wall screen features traditional Japanese landscape with people and horses - Japanese style wall screen with weeping willows and water wheel - The wall screens collection also includes a wall screen with hand painted cranes on an antiqued gold metal leaf background. Each panel of the wall screens is crafted from wood and than hand painted by artisans in exquisite details. Wall screens can also be used as free standing room dividers providing you the perfect balance of artistic expression and functional elegance. For example, a wall screen placed on the floor can camouflage a radiator or storage area yet not close off or obstruct the entire upper view. Combining traditional styling with distinctively crafted elements this collection of wall screens is a tribute to artistic purity and functionality.

wall panels

Wall Panels

Wall Panels Collections highlights the art of Trompe L'oeil. Trompe L'oeil is a French phrase meaning "to deceive the eye", and it's the name of an art form which is all about illusion and subterfuge.

The technique used in creation of the wall panels involves the laws of perspective to create an impression of depth, and unlike an ordinary mural, the result is often so convincing it's hard to tell just what is real and what's fake. Several of our wall panels at first glance appear to be beautiful tapestries, but upon further investigation you will be amazed that this wall panels are in fact handcrafted from wood, accomplishing the Trompe L'oeil effect.

The pure colors of nature featured on the wall panels are nourishing and rejuvenating. On the right hand site featured masterfully hand-painted wall panel with floral and bird design . Three wall panels reflect the cheerfulness of flowers and tenderness of spring blossoms. The beauty of nature lies in its simplicity and colors. Another wall panel stunningly depicts a gorgeous peacock in garden motif - decorative wall panel with hand painted garden motif peacock. Our wall panels will help you carry all the accumulated wonder, mystery, and energy of nature indoors with you. Our wall panels will create a dynamic visual statements to serve as a focal points in any room.