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Precious Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes can provide decoration that is both refined and practical. You can accumulate a wide assortment from different countries and cultures. You may collect delicate antique enamel pill-boxes, porcelain boxes, lacquered wood boxes, mahogany boxes, cigar boxes, or hand-painted boxes. Perhaps you have a special affection for antique wooden letter boxes, mailboxes, or decorative flowered hat boxes. These decorative boxes make excellent storage containers for papers, socks, stamps, and other items. Decorative boxes are often used as storage containers.

Because most gifts are given and received in boxes, there is mystery and intrigue associated with them. Just as a cabinetmaker is proud of his dovetail drawers, a box-maker is concerned with a box's inside. It is therefore not surprising that many boxes are most beautiful and interesting with their interiors exposed. Our decorative wooden boxes are hand-crafted from wood and hand finished by master artisans.

Decorative boxes make perfect home accessories that serve functional as well as decorative purposes. Decorative boxes are perfectly sized to accommodate everyday "little things", that clutter your home entry, living room, family room or any other place in your home. Things like mail, gloves, remote controls etc., can be hidden inside the box, providing a clean, uncluttered and always sophisticated look in your home.

The floor is a great place to nest and stack beautiful boxes. Before letting your tabletops become too cluttered, remember that right underneath there is a perfectly fine space, framed by four legs, to display a few of your favorite boxes. Group them by scale and material, not shape. When you repeat stained wood, painted wood, or lacquered boxes, the variety of shapes will provide ample interest.

decorative boxes

thinking outside of the box with decorative boxes
More than just about any home decorating item, our choice of accessories expresses our personality and gives visitors to our home a sense of who we are. From the wide variety of decorative accessories from which we can choose, decorative boxes offer much in the way of both style and functionality... read more about decorative boxes